A Wealthy Mindset -
The Secret To Getting Rich

A wealthy mindset involves learning to think like a rich person, it's the first step towards becoming rich. What is the secret to getting rich? What is the mindset that the rich use to achieve extraordinary results in their lives?

The Basics of a Wealthy Mindset

You may have tried positive thinking and creative visualization techniques and be wondering which piece of the puzzle you're missing.

Those are both very important pieces of the puzzle. However, here are some other thoughts about a wealthy mindset and about the secret to getting rich that the wealthy people use to keep their minds in the right place.

First of all, you have to believe that you deserve to attract abundance and prosperity.

Otherwise it’s like driving a car pressing both the gas and the brake at the same time, and you know that it never works, right?

Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Monitor how you talk to yourself. What kind of ideas are you putting into  your mind on a daily basis? If you put garbage into it, you’ll get really bad results. If you have positive thoughts and great ideas, you’ll get great results.

What are other people saying to you about money and wealth creation? Do these people have a scarcity mindset or a wealthy mindset? Don't take financial advice from people who are broke. If those people are mega-wealthy, pay really close attention to what they're saying, ok?

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Creative visualization is extremely important, so visualize yourself making lots of money (or whatever wealth means to you) and manifesting abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Living out of Possibility vs. Need

When you think about money, do your thoughts revolve around how you're going to pay your bills or getting out of debt?

If so, know that the wealthy mindset of the rich is based more on possibilities than on need. They are always looking for new possibilities for expanding their wealth and for leveraging the wealth they have. 

Ask yourself: "How can I add more value? How can I make things faster, easier, more fun?" What can I do to solve these problems and make money doing so?” 

Too often people look at someone who is wealthy and living out of possibility instead of need and think:

"Well, it's easy for them to think that way, they already have a lot of money."

That is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood principles of the wealthy mindset. They have the money they do because of the way they think, not the other way around.

If you hear or read stories of millionaires or billionaires, you'll find that they spend many years living out of possibility instead of need. And, they may struggle for a long time. But, because they refused to stop looking for new possibilities and learning from their mistakes, their commitment eventually paid off. 

So, develop valuable skills, network with successful people (those who have already done that what you want to accomplish) and learn from them.

Focus on serving others. The more you serve others, the more wealth you create.

These are all essential things for having a wealthy mindset and for attracting wealth to you.

If your work involves marketing or selling, really think about this thought-provoking quote by Joe Vitale:

"Marketing is sharing your love for your product or service with the target audience who is going to welcome hearing about it."

See here for my recommendations for the best programs and courses about money and a wealthy mindset.

Check out awesome seminars and events.

Passive Income

Begin to think in terms of passive income. It's something you do once and get paid multiple times for.

And, create MSIs, that is "Multiple Sources of Income", meaning that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. This is a significant secret to getting rich. If you're always selling your time in exchange for money, your income is limited, because your time is limited.

Have you ever thought that your hobbies could be a source of passive income...?

100% Responsibility

One of the reasons people are broke can be seen at the level of victimism and "you owe me" thinking. And that's far from the wealthy mindset.

It may be easy to look at rich people and think that they've made less mistakes than broke people have. Usually, it's the other way around.

One of the differences between the broke and the rich is that the rich accept 100% responsibility for their mistakes, and so they learn from them. Then they take corrective actions. The more they do this, the wiser they become and the more empowered they become to create wealth out of that wisdom. 

Those who refuse to learn from their mistakes and blame others never get the chance to learn or to move forward in their lives. They keep blaming, and so they stay stuck where they are. 

If you expect your spouse, your relatives, your employer or anybody else to help you out before you can start attracting wealth and building financial freedom, you'll always be broke. 

Taking 100% responsibility for your life and realizing that you're really on your own is very empowering and frightening at the same time.

"The Second Best Time Is Now."

The only perfect time to take inspired action to start building financial freedom and living your life out of possibility instead of need is right now.

The longer you put it off, no matter what the reason, the more you dis-empower yourself from taking responsibility for your own success.

Remember, you don't need to know how you're going to do all that, but begin your journey right now.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Many top-class Law of Attraction and personal development coaches can help you acquire the necessary wealthy mindset and teach you how to manifest money and abundance in all areas of your life.

See live or online events and seminars with some of the best wealth experts and life transformation coaches of our time.

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