Powerful Visualization Exercise

Use this powerful visualization exercise every day to remind yourself of your dreams and desires. Otherwise you may forget them.

It's best that you do this fun exercise every morning, because then you direct your energy toward the brand new day and toward your dreams and desires. It's even better if you do it 2-3 times a day, for 30 days. Do it at least a few times a week. And remember, make it fun!

NOTE! If you haven't done it already, define your dreams before you do this visualisation exercise, because you have to know what you want.

Use an inspirational journal for writing down your dreams.

Warm Up

Get yourself some inspiring music that you really love and that makes you feel good. This helps you get in the correct state of mind, and the exercise becomes more effective.

Moving to the music

The songs may be different, depending on how you feel.

Make sure that everything's ready for your exercise the night before, so that you don't need to spend time searching for the songs in the morning.

Move and experience the music in your body. You can use a small re-bounder and bounce on it, you can dance or move otherwise.

Think of an empowering movement you can use with this visualization exercise. Your movement can be short, or it can be a series of movements. The most important thing is that it feels good to you and that it sets your energy into motion. Energy is motion, so motion is also energy.

See It!

Look at yourself in the mirror or place your picture on the wall or someplace where you can see it at the level where you move.

See yourself as you want to be in the future, see yourself in a situation that you dream about. Act as if that were true now.

Use your imagination. See your great self-confidence, your power and the end results you desire.

Do this while you're moving to the music. Move, focus and feel good.

The most important thing is that you can really see yourself in this movie. Don't feel that you have to believe in your movie at this point. That will come as you rehearse this over and over again.

There is an easy way to create personalized mind movies.

Say It!


Yes! I made it!

Think of an empowering word or phrase you can use with this visualization exercise. It can be as simple as "Yes!" or "I made it!", for example. It can be any word or phrase, in any language. You decide what feels good to you. Scream, shout, laugh, or cry.

Do anything that brings out emotion. The most important thing is that it vibrates power and positive energy in you.

Stop moving.

Read the future pace you wrote when you defined your dreams. Read it with conviction and vivid emotion. Remember that emotion is the catalyst that gets the whole thing in motion.

See it as if it's happening right now. Feel it and allow yourself to dream.

Move It! Feel It! Prove It! Do It! Have It!

Move again while thinking about the future pace you just read. Feel good. Let your imagination go wild.

This visualization exercise will deliver it to your subconscious mind as a fact, and your subconscious will go to work on bringing it into your reality. This will cause your brain to start to believe that you already have what you have defined as the desired end result.

With your favorite movement, you devote yourself and your energy to vibrate toward your dreams through your body.

Before you go to sleep at night, read your written description of your dream again.

Relax and leave it up to the universe. Trust that you've been doing this all of your life anyway, and this just accelerates the process.

Do This Visualization Exercise Daily!

When you do this visualization exercise regularly, your ability to visualize will develop over time. So, don't get frustrated if it's not going as perfectly as you hope the first time. Just like anything else, visualization requires practice and repetition.

When you rehearse, you practice with joy. :-)

Useful Visualization Resources

A powerful way to visualize your dreams and goals is to create a personalized mind movie without any special technical skills.

FREE Introductory Course with visualization expert Lisa Nichols

Jump into a universe with infinite possibilities with Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping

Creative Visualization

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