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Call it a visualization board, vision board, goal board or dream board. Or use a wealth box. All the same, it's a simple but powerful visualization tool you can use to activate the Law of Attraction to get the things you desire to have in your life.

The most significant motivation behind your everyday actions is your subconscious mind. This is because your subconscious mind controls your emotional drives. How you behave is influenced by the thoughts which carry the strongest emotional charge.

A visualization board is one of the most powerful ways to harness the power of your subconscious mind to fuel your passion and to pursue what you really want, because it provides you with visual stimuli that "plant the seeds" in your subconscious that are consistent with what you want.

Creating Visualization Boards

What do you want in your life? What images represent your true dreams and desires? What words or phrases inspire you to move forward?

You can attract wealth or anything else by creating vision boards.

Get clear about your goals and your vision for your life. Make the connection to turn your dreams into reality every day.

Vision Board

To do this, you can use a pin board or cardboard, for example. When you see something specific you want in a magazine, cut the image of that item out and glue or tack it to the board.

Or, when you think of something you want to buy, you can also write it down in detail on a piece of paper and put it to your board.

Write down the amount of money you want and put it to the board. Or, put money itself to it. For example, if you have foreign money from international travel, you can put it to your board.

Put your dream board somewhere that you can see it every day, and you awaken the desires in your subconscious mind that will drive you toward inspired action which helps you get what you want.

Feeling skeptical? 

Could these help you visualize your dreams and goals?

"Selling yourself" on your own dreams

Well, think about how much money big companies use on advertising to provoke emotional responses in people. And that kind of advertising is effective indeed. You're bombarded with advertisements that were created by people who want you to spend your money to help them build their dreams.

So, what if you could create your own "advertisements" that you could use to "sell yourself" on your own dreams?

How much more motivated would you feel to take inspired action and to create practical plans of action for getting what you desire?

So, create your own "advertising campaign" and make the vision of your own dreams the loudest and clearest thing in your life.

This is exactly what you're doing when you create your own dream board. 

Maybe it's time to take your visualization boards to the next level?

Create your own mind movies!

Remember John Assaraf's amazing story about his dream home?

If you've seen the movie The Secret, you remember that John attracted that exact same house he had tacked to one of his vision boards five years earlier. No, it wasn't one like it, but the exact same house...! And, he realized it only as he was already living in that house and explaining and showing his board to his son.

Colorful and Specific Pictures and Images, Inspirational Words and Phrases...

The main thing is that you cover your visualization board with pictures and images of your dreams and desires. Add words or phrases to affirm those images.

Remember, the more detailed you are about the things you want to attract, the more likely you are to attract those things.

So, your vision board should be specific and colorful. Have fun making it, and have fun visualizing your dreams. It should make you feel good, as if it all has already happened.

A simple basic dream board can be made with scissors, glue/pins, and photos that you've taken yourself or that you've found in magazines or online.

I think it's a good idea to create a board for every area of your life. Health, wealth, relationships, career, hobbies... Separate boards help keep you more focused.

Or, create your own interactive vision board with this very easy-to-use tool.

Making Wealth Boxes

Another method that is similar to the visualization board is to create a wealth box. Choose a box you really like.

Wealth Box

Put money or images of the things you want in it. You can put anything in it that represents wealth and your dream life to you. For example, you can take your monthly bank statement and add zeros to the amount. Be creative.

Other Visualization Tips

If you desire to have a new car, get someone to take a photo of you in it. Go test-drive that car. Then tack that photo to your visualization board or in the wealth box. Whatever you're dreaming about, do the same.

Place your vision board or wealth box somewhere where you can see it often. Focus on the things you've put to it. When you're having fun and feeling good in the process and you're expecting those things to come to you, you may be surprised to see them show up in your life, sooner or later.

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