Anthony Robbins' 
Unleash The Power Within (UPW)
"Where The Impossible Becomes Possible"

Tony Robbins' 4-day flagship seminar Unleash The Power Within (UPW) is a life-changing event and a mind-blowing experience. Besides the Firewalk that ends the first day, it's about 50 intensive hours of powerful information and applying that information through immediate action! 

It's very inspiring to see over 5000 people play full out! And the positive energy that it creates in you is just incredible... and the feeling that you're capable of so much more...!

What is Unleash The Power Within (UPW) all about?

Your emotional state controls everything, and it determines your story. The story you tell yourself is everything. If you tell a story or a lie (negative or positive) long enough, you're eventually gonna believe it, right?

When your story about yourself is positive and encouraging, then the right strategies can change your whole life.

Tony shows how you can get yourself into the peak state anytime. If you're not feeling good about what you're doing, the results you get may not be the kind you want.

Tony Robbins' Unleash The Power Within (UPW) starts with processing and releasing your fears. Fear is what stops you from moving forward, so you have to deal with it first.

Tony Robbins Events

ALL Tony Robbins events in the UNITED STATES, FIJI, and SPAIN


This is Tony Robbins' flagship event, where both Tony himself and his good friend and business partner, Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III, are teaching. It's not mentioned anywhere that Joseph is also gonna be there, but he usually is. Besides being outstanding teachers, you're gonna have a lot of fun with them.

Los Angeles, CA, 14-17 March 2019

ExCeL London, 11-14 April 2019

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia, 19-22 September 2019


(Be sure to watch the documentary film "I am not your Guru" first. It's in Netflix.)

Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 20-25 May 2019

Palm Beach, Florida, 5-10 December 2019


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20-24 June 2019

Las Vegas, NV, 7-11 August 2019


The Firewalk Experience

You get to experience something very unusual on the first night of the Unleash the Power Within event... Imagine walking on a bed of hot coals that is between 1200 and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit/ 650-1090 degrees Celsius. Pretty frightening, right? Well, I had decided long before the event that I will do the firewalk, no matter what.

And I did.

I felt like my feet were tickling, as I was calmly walking across the bed. Tony told us to say "Cool moss, cool moss, cool moss..." while walking. I was saying "Yes, yes, yes...!", but it doesn't really matter what you're saying.

A good friend of mine, with whom I attended this event, kept saying that she won't do it. And I kept telling her that she will do it indeed.

The Firewalk experience at Unleash the Power Within by Tony RobbinsMy certificate from the Firewalk experience

I also used the Remember technique asking her that "Do you remember how good it felt after you did it? Do you remember how amazing it felt when you released all your fears?"

She still wasn't sure.

However, she decided to do the firewalk 2 seconds (!) before it was her turn in the line.

And, she's very glad she did, because she really turned her deepest fears into power in so many ways. Back home went a new, determined woman!

So the Firewalk Isn't Really about Walking on Fire...?

No, it's actually about overcoming your worst fears and realizing how easily you can release your fears.

About a month after this seminar, I noticed that my fear of heights had at least diminished. I was spending a day with my family at an adventure park, and my son wanted to ride a giant ferris wheel. He couldn't ride it alone, so I had to go with him. To my surprise, I didn't feel any fear...!

In addition to the firewalk, there was another powerful exercise about facing your worst fear and letting it go. Because of that, I'm now free of that long-standing fear, which to me, was even worse than the fear of heights...

What Will You Learn at Unleash The Power Within?

You'll learn about:

-the 3 elements of practical psychology

- the keys to exceptional communication

- neuro-associative conditioning: e.g. the ultimate success formula, 3 steps to lasting change

- values and beliefs

- the science of momentum

- team power (family, community, work...)

- the power of mastering your business

- the 7 areas of constant growth for an extraordinary life

- the 3 pillars of progress

- the strategies to achieve your goals

- the 3 steps to mastering any area of your life

- a healthy, vital life

Tony Robbins often talks about the 2 mm (millimeters) difference that separate the successful from the rest.

Those who succeed and thrive, never give up. They follow through, and they push themselves to the edge to achieve their goals, even if they're scared. His strategies are simple. It's not rocket science. I think my friend's firewalk experience is a good example of that 2 mm difference.

Love, appreciation, relationships, connection with others, and contribution are important topics at Unleash The Power Within. Did you know that Tony is a great philanthropist himself?

Without Your Health, You Have Nothing...

Tony and the other success coach at this event, Joseph McClendon III, dedicate the fourth (and the last) day of Unleash the Power Within to health related matters. Some of this even shocking knowledge (backed up by science) might turn your beliefs about food, health, and vitality upside down. And, you might change some of your eating and drinking habits, just like that... 

How This Health Information Affected Me

I used to drink almost two pots of coffee every day, and ever since the Unleash The Power Within event, I haven't had any coffee...

Plus, I don't feel like eating chicken anymore...

Get the body you deserve at

Following Tony's and Joseph's health advice after this event, I lost about 5 kg (about 10 lbs) during the first 5 weeks after the seminar. Those were the last, the most stubborn kilos after giving birth to my three children. The kilos that I never managed to lose otherwise, regardless of exercise or many different diets that I've tried over the years. Now I know that eating more alkaline food makes you feel a lot better. 

The Difference Between the Successful and
the Struggling?

You may know people who are successful in all areas of their lives, even in the most difficult times. You also know those who are always struggling. What do these people do differently?

First of all, successful people have a different quality of thinkingFailure is not an option. As a result of positive, powerful thinking, their ruling emotional state is empowering. Their thinking and feelings guide their actions and get them to follow through, no matter what. Successful people take a different quality of action. They take massive action that eventually leads to outstanding results. The word failure doesn't exist in their vocabulary.

An Example of Outstanding Results

Have you heard the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)? 

He was trying to offer his chicken recipe to countless restaurants. In his mind, it was the best chicken recipe that existed. He didn't try to sell the recipe, he only wanted a percentage of the sales. However, he was turned down 1009 times before his offer was accepted...! But, he never gave up, regardless of the fact that he didn't have much money, and he was 65 years old when he started. And you know how it turned out for him. Regardless of the setbacks, would you have kept on going and still believing in yourself?

Yeah, the truth is that many of us would've given up.

But the story of Colonel Sanders is an outstanding example of that 2 mm difference that separate the successful from the rest.

You have the same unlimited potential within you. You must feed that potential with the kind of beliefs and attitude that serve you. They will unleash even more of your potential, which will lead to you taking even better actions and constantly getting outstanding results. 

Attending Unleash The Power Within will get you on that journey.

Why Is Tony Robbins Such an Exceptional Life and Business Coach?

Tony teaches how you can achieve your true desires and goals as quickly as possible. He also says that sticking to his life philosophy about Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI!) guarantees your long-term success. 

Tony as a person is extremely enthusiastic, energetic and charismatic. He's very straightforward, and there's a reason for the fact that he uses shocking language at times. It triggers your deeper emotions so that you can achieve a higher level of accountability.

Besides regular people, Tony Robbins has been helping and coaching top athletes, actors, business gurus, and other leaders from every walk of life for decades.

All in all, the Unleash The Power Within (UPW) seminar is a powerful experience. But to produce desired results, you have to take action after the event, as well.

Regardless of the intensity with almost no breaks, the event is filled with laughter, meeting new people, dancing, and exercises that push you out of your comfort zone and help you move forward in your life.

I still wonder, doesn't Tony ever need to go to the bathroom...? ;-)

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