The Universal Law Of Attraction

The universal Law of Attraction that you probably know from The Secret movie, deals with your desires and expectations. Desire connects you with the thing you desire and expectation draws it into your life. It's important to know how to apply this cosmic Law of Attraction for your benefit.

The Essentials about the Universal Law of Attraction

When you really desire something good and feel the wonderful feelings of already having it, from the bottom of your heart, you tune in the same frequency of the thing you desire. Your vibrations are essential. You are connected with the invisible side of the good you desire. If you change what you want, or if your desire is not strong enough, the signal you send to the universe weakens, as well.

On the other hand, if you keep focusing on the thing you persistently desire, and you constantly expect to have it, you will eventually manifest it, in a form or another, because the universal Law of Attraction says that "like attracts like".

Keep in mind that it's your right to fully enjoy your life, to be happy and abundant in every possible way.

Remember that all the good things you desire already exist, either in the physical plane or in substance, because the universe is filled with the essential substance of every good thing that you can ever imagine to have.

Desire can be defined as a power that is working through you, trying to excite and motivate you to expand and create those things in your visible world. You already have the inner power to acquire and enjoy a worthwhile life.

Do not desire something that you do not expect to get. Desire without expectation is just wishful thinking. Then you only waste your mental energy.

Do not expect to get what you don't want, because you'll get it.

It's been proven that your ruling mental attitude is the primary cause of almost everything that comes into your life.

This is why you should be careful about how and what you think and what you expect to come into your life.

Like the Law of Gravity in the physical plane, expectation is a powerful, attractive force of the mind in the invisible world. When you constantly expect what you persistently desire, your ability to attract becomes irresistible. This is the universal Law of Attraction in action.

A Simple Exercise Using the Universal Law of Attraction to Get What You Desire

  • Form a clear and well-defined mental picture of what you want. Desire firmly.

    Do this when you're calm, feeling really good, and when nobody can interrupt you. Let the idea of the good you desire unfold into a vivid mental picture, much the same as if it were a moving picture on a screen. Don't force the thought, and don't try to figure out how it will come.

    Note: Never desire something that belongs to somebody else. That creates only negative vibrations, because that somebody else might suffer from losing that thing. So desire only such things that make your own life or other people's lives better. Besides, the universe never takes from somebody else to give it to you. There is an unlimited supply of everything.

  • Hold the thought.

  • Nourish your desire with a confident conviction that what you want will come to you, feeling as if you had it already.

    As you persist in this wonderful state of mind, the thing you desire tends to gravitate toward you. Sometimes it comes almost right away, and sometimes it comes over a period of time.

    It depends on how clear you are (=are there limiting beliefs holding you back?), how strong your demand is, and whether you believe and expect it to come to you or not. You must believe, because your mind is a magnet that attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state.

  • Do what you can do to promote its coming. Take inspired action!

    No, I don't think the universe just drops the things you desire on your lap. And yes, action leads to results. For example, you may get ideas out of the blue on how to proceed to get what you desire. It may be as simple as one single phone call or meeting somebody who can help you somehow.

    Action reinforces your mental creative process and provides the channel for its expression. When you've done your part, leave the results to the universal Law of Attraction. There's this saying "Let go and let God". When you do your part, trust that the universe will do the rest.

Learn more about the deliberate attraction process here.

Remember that time is a period created by man. The universe knows no time and it always responds to you in the present, in the now.

When you face difficulties, remember that it's an opportunity to develop yourself.

Every stumbling block you experience is a stepping stone to success.

Have you noticed how much stronger you feel once you realize that you've actually overcome those obstacles?

Have You Failed in One of the Following Steps to Create Your Desired Outcome?


You may be interested in things that are not good for you, so you pass by the things you desire most. You're used to seeing the lesser, or you ignore the better possibilities you have, so you fail to attract the wonderful things that are all around you.

It's so easy to do what you've always done, it's so much easier to stay in your comfort zone, right?

But this is always a mental prison before it becomes a material one. You may just drift along unconsciously into unhappiness, without any direction in your life.

You see, you have to be interested in something worthwhile to keep your mind active, thus being attractive and satisfied with your life. Your highest interests should govern your thoughts. There's a magnetic power in a strong idea or principle. This idea or principle directs your interests, which in turn develops an inner power of attractiveness. According to the universal Law of Attraction, following such a principle with interest always attracts good things into your life. 


To be interested in something is not enough, though. Give your full attention to your interest through your daily actions so that you magnetize your power to attract. This draws to you much of the same type as you think about. Note that this type of action is inspired action, so it doesn't feel like "work", because you have passion for doing it, whatever you do.


Expectation is an active form of attention, it's attention with intensity. For example, if a child wouldn't believe that he or she can learn how to ride a bike, his or her interest and attention would lack that intensity which is present when he or she is practising to do so.

In the same way, when you believe that you will succeed in whatever you're doing, you experience the deepest interest in your work. This interest is then intensified with your expectation, so you attract the success you're working for.

Remember that you may hope or wish for more of something, but you get only what you expect. Expect to have more, so you also get more, don't limit yourself.

To be really successful, you must always be honest in your thinking and in your actions. Serve others in the best way you can. Go the extra mile, even if it's not required.

Whether you believe in the universal Law of Attraction or not, it is always working, either for you or against you.

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