The Three Faces of Mind

by William

The Secret and associated books are all borrowed, reiterated, knowledge. The principle is borrowed from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. If you can imagine it in your mind it can be real. If you form the ritual, habit, of reviewing your goal each night before you sleep and and after you wake it will become real. If you take a step each day towards your vision then it will become real. Numerous reiterations of the same thing reinforces it in your mind. If you maintain a positive view then everything will be peaches and cream.... Eventually.

In the words a Neurologist who studies positive reinforcement (Paraphrase of her quote in Three Faces of Mind): "If you are lying to yourself. It can't be healthy." Which is the principle behind visualization. If the energy is a fact a lie something that is not possible, i.e. physical enlargement of body parts, then the energy drain from a false truth will only drain the individual and they will spiral down into the oblivion of isolating oneself from reality. One who isolates them self will only seek their own selfish longing and it will no longer be a healthy situation.

Positive visualization is thus a cheaters shortcut to self improvement. Cheating themselves out of thinking. But I must say people who read and follow these books are a delight to be around since they are constantly cheery and upbeat about everything. I just like to gradually bring them to the realization that they are automatons. It is like people that got robots in Isaac Asimov world or the Robot laws to violate the three laws governing robots by using circular logic and object lessons to short circuit the robots. Amusing but a waste of time in general since humans are capable of rationalizing anything that their minds can think up. Just remember my definition of a psychosis: The human brain works in patterns. When there is a discrepancy between what the mind sees and what reality is then the subconscious forms a schism or rationalization that develops into a psychosis if the pattern is not replaced with a healthy pattern.

The Realist

My list of thought provoking books:

The Three Faces of Mind by Elaine de Beauport and Sofia Diaz
Rich Kid Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki
The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

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