The Shopping Love

by Gov

It was during my College days that I first met Somali. She was my junior. I fell in love with her on the first sight itself. I managed to become friends with her and she really enjoyed my company. Then one day, I revealed my love for her. She rejected the proposal saying that she wanted to remain just friends with me. We still continued our friendship and I kept her in my heart all the time. An excursion was planned from the College to go Kancheepuram.

The whole department was to go together for the trip. I was really happy because that it would mean that Somali would also be there for the trip as she was my junior. Kancheepuram is very famous for silk saris and so my mother asked me to buy a purple sari for her. I searched a lot for the sari of her choice, but could not find it. My friends started making fun of me as I was spending too much of time for the shopping. But I did not listen to them and continued my search saying that I need to make my mom happy as I loved her more than anything else in this world. I was fortunate to find the right sari at last and I bought it for my dear mom.

Somali was deeply impressed with me for the concern and love I had for my mom. She came to me saying that she was willing to be my wife. We are now married and are living happily with our two kids.

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