The Secret

by Theo

The Secret, a movie based on the laws of attraction, I found to be very enlightening. All my life I felt as if I was constantly struggling and I didn't know how I could change it. Everyone told me that I didn't think positive enough but there was something else then just thinking positive. The law of attraction states that what we think about, we bring about and so I started to do the exercises that were instructed. I slowly noticed that the things I wanted to really happen were starting to happen. It's a slow process at first because you have to learn to break your old negative habits and just stop focusing on what's really bothering you. After I started writing down what I wanted and focusing on pictures, things started to shift little by little. I'm noticing differences in my health, that the right friends are sticking by me and that money is getting easier to come by. I'm still working on it, but I feel I know what's really going on with me. Thanks to this movie, I understand how energy works and how to manipulate it in my favor and the things that I want, because I really would like a good life and now I don't feel like a victim of my circumstances any longer. I'm more at peace and I understand more about what's going on. Sometimes it can be hard, but I look at it as though it's just a test. This movie takes you an understanding and they explain it in laymen terms so you aren't lost or feel like your brain is fried. It most importantly teaches about love and focusing on the best in people. So there is definitely a message there for people who live in anger and hate. Overall, this movie really did help me see the bigger picture and I recommend it.

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