The Secret Books
by Rhonda Byrne

The first one in the series of The Secret books by Rhonda Byrne was published soon after the hit movie, which introduced this cosmic Law of Attraction to the entire world. 

Rhonda's teachings were also my very first contact with this concept. I mean my conscious contact, because at some level, we do create everything that happens to us, even unconsciously. I realized that I had actually been doing so many things "the wrong way"...

So I started exploring further, because I realized that the ideas taught in The Secret could invoke new feelings of hope and possibility in every person.

This is the book that started it all... after the movie of the same name, of course.

Rhonda Byrne has already written many other books after this first one.

I'm not saying that Rhonda's The Secret books are necessarily the most comprehensive Law of Attraction books there are. But they are very simple, easy to read, and you get the basic ideas quickly, especially if you're new to these concepts. There's a lot of repetition, but each book always offers something new, so I think they're all well worth your time.

Rhonda's The Secret books are very beautiful. It feels good to hold them in your hands... for real aesthetes this could play a role indeed!

What Are The Secret Books All About?

The Secret books guide you on your journey of how you can live your dream life through applying the Law of Attraction to everything you do. The importance of powerful, good feelings, such as gratitude and love, play the biggest role in these books.

First the hit movie and then The Secret book introduced the Law of Attraction to the masses across the planet. It became such a success phenomenon that has literally changed the lives of many people.

Countless testimonials prove that the information included in Rhonda's books may be all you ever need to achieve success, regardless of the critique this phenomenon has received.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington

The Secret to Teen Power explains the power of the Law of Attraction from teenagers' perspective, and how teens can learn to live their dreams. I've read this book together with my oldest daughter, and she's read it herself.

I think it's very important to talk about these themes with kids and plant the right kind of positive seeds in their minds.

You can easily discuss school, friendships, self-image and so on with the help of this book.

Some celebrity names mentioned in this book may not make any sense to future teens, but the basic ideas remain the same. Read more about this book...

I suppose the enormous success of The Secret book inspired Rhonda Byrne to write even more books...

The Power

The power that Rhonda is writing about is love. The power of love.

You already have everything inside you to have your dream life, you have the power. First, I felt like this book is much of a repetition of The Secret, and in a way it is. However, The Power goes to a much deeper, more spiritual level. I felt very good vibes going through my body while reading this book.

The Magic

The Magic is about the power of gratitude.

In this book she even provides gratitude practices. Gratitude, just like any other good feelings like love are very powerful feelings. Consequently, feeling those feelings makes your energy very positive. And, as you know, if you're familiar with the Law of Attraction at all, like attracts like...


We are all born on this planet Earth for a reason. We have different missions, and you are meant to live your dreams to fulfill that mission. As you read Hero, you'll be convinced that you already have everything you need within you.

So in this book Rhonda Byrne gives you more evidence of the Law of Attraction in action.

You get to read or listen truly amazing life stories of people from different countries. You could say that the odds weren't on their side, but they did make it - or actually, they succeeded big time!

Read more about Hero...

And Rhonda Byrne herself has certainly discovered what her mission is, that is "bringing joy to billions".

How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories.

This is Rhonda's newest book, a compilation of inspiring and moving real-life stories from people who have used the Law of Attraction as advised in The Secret.

The Secret Daily Teachings

This is a daily dose of positive information that reminds you of all the good in life.

365 days of inspirational messages, from one row (a few words) long to a whole page. Timeless, so you can use it year after year.

The Secret Gratitude Book

This beautiful, brown book that I also personally use includes thought-provoking ideas of gratitude and the word "Thank you" in many different languages on almost every page. "Thank you" in many languages also on the hard cover. This book closes easily on the right side with heavy magnetic attraction.

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