The Fountain (2006)

by Sammantha

Watching the person you love die in front of your eyes, and being within reach of the cure for them, but still not able to help would destroy most people. Personally I never even thought what it must be like, nor did I care to. Having to deal with that loss though...would it change you as a person? Would it make you a better person?

These ideas seemed silly to me as I watched The Fountain for the first time, scoffing and just brushing it off as a fairy tale, but as it progressed it realized that it wasnt just about the loss of life. This story wasn't just what was being portrayed. It went deeper than the acting on the screen. There was meaning behind every word, behind every scene. It was about life in general, the paths we take and our experiences through them. One door closes so another can open. There are reasons for things to happen, and the things that happen in our life, weather they be good or bad, create who we are as people.

This movie opened my eyes, and the more I watched it, the more I was able to look at my less than perfect life, and see just how blessed I was. I was able to appreciate what I had, and what I might have in the future, as well as to take life as it comes. To enjoy the fleeting moments of sunshine, for the dark eventually comes, and in order for it not to consume you, one must have some hope to hold on to. Some beautiful memory to cling to while you wait for the sun to rise again, for it always does, and sometimes it rises more beautifully and brighter than the last. The fountain taught me this.

As a teenager watching it, I didnt fully understand, but as I have grown, and watched it more and more, I have come understand and feel the lessons it taught me. It honestly did change my life, and I am forever grateful.

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