The Law Of Thinking -
Use Your Power Of Thoughts

The Law of Thinking is about the power of thoughts. As a human being you're supposed to grow and progress in your life. And, to do so, you need to use your inner powers that start with your thoughts.

Your Ruling State of Mind

How you progress in life depends on your ruling state of mind that you create with your power of thoughts. 

It depends on your attitude towards different things, actually everything around you. Your attitude is the result of your ideas, and your ideas originate from what you think about different things.

If you put a seed in a fertile soil, it starts growing. It doesn't matter whether the seed is that of a tomato or a weed. The same energy is needed to grow both seeds.

In the same way, your mind is creating all the time. Your mind creates either good or bad, and you need the same energy for both. Your ideas determine whether you create good or bad things for yourself.

Use your power of thoughts, i.e. the Law of Thinking, for creating positive things in your life.

It's your power to think that determines your state of life. If you have negative thoughts, your powerful forces are misdirected. You see, your mind is your governing power, so it determines your actions, what you experience, and in which direction you're headed.

"What you think about, comes about."

"Ask, and you shall receive."

Believing Is Seeing

It's what you believe that determines what you'll see manifest in the physical plane. In other words, believing is seeing, even though many people keep convincing themselves (and others) just the opposite.

I'm sure you've heard many people say that "I'll believe it only when I see it!" Think about it, really think how silly an idea that is! It's like wasting the power of your thoughts and giving up on your dreams.

If you believed only that what you see first, your whole world would extend only as far as you could see. Not very nice, huh? Besides, there are many examples on the fact that your eye sight actually deludes you sometimes.

For example, if you look down a railroad track, you notice that at a certain distance the two tracks converge at one point, right?

But, this is not true.

In the same way, remember this: When you face a problem, it may be only an illusion of the senses.

You don't see with your eyes, you see with your mind.

Although you can't see a thought, it's a powerful force which travels with the speed of light. We are all surrounded by vast amounts of this thinking stuff.

The mind is the greatest of any known element. No other known force in the universe is as great or as quick as the power of thought. Your power to think is unlimited. 

Sadly, there are so few people that are truly aware of their thought power.

Right and Wrong Use of the Power of Thoughts

Just imagine what amazing things you can achieve in your life once you become fully aware of your power of thoughts, and once you really  start developing your thinking...!

For example, think that you're happy and successful now. Keep that thought in your mind for a longer period of time. Focus often on the positive thoughts. You'll notice that you keep attracting more thoughts of happiness and success. And, you psychically contact minds who think like you do. Later, you attract these like-minded people and positive circumstances into your life.

On the other hand, if you use the Law of Thinking wrongly, that is, if you waste your magnificent power of thoughts on something negative, you only attract negative circumstances, such as people who accept negative things in their lives.

Wealth and poverty, for example, are not two separate things, they're just two sides of the same coin. They are but one power. The difference is in the way you use it.

In general, destructive powers such as fear and worry are your greatest enemies, because they can break down your mental resistance.

So, how do you use your thought power most of the time, rightly or wrongly?

You're Thinking All The Time

Know that you're thinking all the time. You can change your thoughts, but you can't stop thinking. No power can act without producing some kind of effects, so you're creating something all the time by merely thinking.

Naturally, you can't control all of your thoughts, but your mind should be disciplined, organized, and constructive so that you can create the results you desire in your life.

Remember, what the mind holds within, eventually takes its form in the physical plane. In other words, whatever you think in your mind must grow. We attract only what we think or create; the Law of Thinking says that it is so.

Do yourself a big favor: Think carefully what you're thinking most of the time. Try to use your power of thoughts only for good things, and act accordingly. You may be surprised on the progress you make, although according to this law, it's only natural. 

Do yourself a big favor: Think carefully what you're thinking most of the time. Try to use your power of thoughts only for good things, and act accordingly. You may be surprised on the progress you make, although according to this law, it's only natural.

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