Positive Thoughts Are Vital
For Your Success

You may be tired of hearing how important it is to have mainly positive thoughts, at least if you're at all familiar with the Law of Attraction. However, all successful people know and use the power of positive thinking. But if you often tend to think negatively, how easy is it to use this power for you?

Most likely, you've had a lot of good days when your thoughts have been positive and empowering.

What about those days when it seems that everything is going wrong and you have no idea how you could think of anything that's well in your life?

It's been said that humans have over 60,000 thoughts a day.

So it's vital that your ruling state of mind is positive, and you're aiming at having more positive, beneficial thoughts than negative ones.

Reframing Your Thinking 

The first thing for releasing your negative thoughts fast and changing them into positive thoughts is to accept the fact that your thoughts influence your actions.

And, your thoughts are also influenced by the actions you take in response to them.

thought vibration

"Mental activity does not constitute thinking."

- Bob Proctor

Turning Fear, Doubt, and Worry into Positive Thoughts and Excitement

Fear, doubt and worry often prevent you from taking action. 

For example, when you allow fear to influence how you act, that feeling of fear is only going to grow more powerful. Eventually, it may become a monster in your mind, if you don't face it.

But if you refuse to allow fear to influence your actions, and if you choose to act courageously instead, you'll find that your fear becomes excitement. 

Physically, the feelings of fear and excitement both cause accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing and a heightening of your physical senses.

However, there is a big difference in the frame of mind that accompanies fear and that which accompanies excitement. That frame of mind is influenced by your experiences

For example, if you fear rejection and avoid situations in which you might get rejected, you're only reinforcing that fear. But if you choose to think positively and take action to confront your fear, the more excited you'll feel in those situations. Soon, you won't feel fear anymore!

Remember that successful people also feel fear, but they don't let those negative thoughts and feelings stop them.

So, acknowledge the power of thoughts. Practice having positive thoughts, and practice acting in spite of that discomfort and fear.

"Kill the monster while it's a baby."

Try these techniques for releasing your possible negative beliefs and changing them into positive thoughts, feelings and actions instead.

Making the Shift

Most likely, you have changed your mind about many things at some point of your life, right? But what changed actually? 

It was your actions that changed, because your priorities changed. In other words, you decided that your new action was more important than your old action.

Consequently, the key to reframing your thoughts is taking new and empowering actions. The next time you're overwhelmed by negative thoughts, ask yourself:

"What inspired, positive, and benefial action is this negative thought preventing me from taking?"

What Do You Mostly Focus on?

Your thoughts and feelings are influenced by what you focus on.

The more you focus on positive thoughts and what's important to you, the less thoughts and feelings of doubt, worry and fear you have preventing you from taking positive, inspired action. Then you're also more empowered to confront your negative thoughts by acting courageously. Those brave actions will then reframe your thoughts.

The next time you have a negative thought, stop and think about what that thought could be trying to tell you.

Most often, once you discover the source of your negative thoughts, they lose their power to influence you.

But, if you keep trying to bury them alive, the more persistent they'll become. 

Positive Affirmations

Law of Attraction affirmations

The Law of Thinking explains more on the power of thoughts.

The Law of Attraction Works!

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