Positive Thoughts While Suffering In Depression

by Stephen
(Beltsville, Maryland, USA)

The law of attraction has helped me improve my symptoms of Depression. While I never used to acknowledge how negative thoughts would put me into a state of suffering, I finally learned with the aid of a psychologist how to think positively. This has helped my mental health considerably, as before I would always put myself down and always think things are my fault. But then after thinking positively about a few things, it started a snowball effect. I was deeply dug into a depressed state, and I had a lot of head way to make so this snowball effect is still continuing as I write this. Basically the law attraction has helped me to start thinking positively, and when you begin to do that you realize how to think differently. In my example now I think about how others that belittle me, or put me down really were liars all along and made me believe those lies. So thinking differently or positively has opened my eyes to see the deficits in others, rather than myself. This is a tricky feeling, because you want to use the pain others caused you back at them emotionally, but then with great power comes great responsibility. I have learned only to use retaliation when I have to defend myself from lies, and ultimately there will come a time when I can just brush off negative insults altogether and not have to even resort to their level. The thing to learn here is when you start thinking positively, negative thoughts no longer appear rational and you become enlightened to your emotional environment. I hope you and I benefit from thinking positively in our future, and one day can brush off insults instead of take them to heart which leads to severe depression.

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