What NLP Is
And Why You Should Know
The NLP Secrets

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the NLP secrets are about learning to create your desired experience and lasting changes by changing your thoughts and your attitude. Everything you want to do or accomplish is possible when you believe it is! 

NLP Basics

NLP is a model of how the human brain works. It gives you a set of excellent tools to reprogram your mind for success. You can use NLP secrets in all areas of your life.

It's about how we humans think and communicate, and how this always leads to certain results. You can change the way you think to get different, better results in your life.

You are what you are based on your thoughts, feelings and experiences, but one of the NLP secrets is that you can change all these.

You can learn to do things in a way that you're feeling good about those things first, so you take action only after that. Let's say you don't feel like doing some specific task at your job, but you know you just have to do it. By using NLP techniques you can change your attitude towards those tasks so that you can do them with a much better feeling. It's no use wasting your time worrying about those things in advance.

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for."

- John Lubbock

Remember that there's nothing wrong with you as a human. You just might be doing things that are harmful for you, e.g. you eat unhealthy food, so it's your actions and bad habits that need to be changed.

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NLP Secrets Work for Everyone, in All Kinds of Situations.

NLP works for you as long as you're capable to think. And it works for everyone. As said before, NLP is a tool for the human mind and thinking. Depending on the person's thinking structure, NLP works in a different way for different people.

The good news is that there are various NLP secrets and techniques that can be applied so that they work just for you. They can be applied to work in harmony with your way of thinking.

You can influence other people by using NLP. Actually, we all influence other people all the time, consciously or unconsciously. For example, if I say to you: "Do NOT think about a pink dog!" Most likely, a pink dog is exactly what you just thought about, right? Well, this applies to everything you see, hear and experience. NLP is about seeing, hearing and experiencing, both around you and within you.

NLP works for everyone, but it's often necessary to use different NLP techniques for different people to produce the desired results.

How Does NLP work?

One of the greatest NLP secrets is that we all create the world around us with our thoughts, beliefs and values. (And you probably knew this from the Law of Attraction already.)

"Energy flows where your attention goes", i.e. the things you focus on become stronger in your experience. 

For example, you focus on NOT wanting to argue with your teen today. Guess what you'll probably be doing before the day is over...

When you change the characteristics of the experience you have in your head, things change, e.g. think about your favorite food. See it in your mind with your eyes closed. Most likely, your mouth starts watering. Now, make that image black and white. Now you probably aren't craving this food anymore. 

Also, you can start thinking more positively about some person. If you think negatively about him/her now, you can change your thoughts about him/her by making the image about him/her more colorful. 

This is just one example of the NLP secrets.

Modeling Someone by Using NLP Secrets

Let's say you know that someone is very successful at something, and you want to achieve the same results. By using the NLP secrets and techniques, you can find out how this person thinks and what he/she actually does to get those outstanding results. 

And there's nothing revolutionary about it, because you already have everything that you need within you to make the desired changes in your life. It's all about HOW you use the resources within so that you get the end result you want. Some changes can happen easily and quickly. However, this doesn't mean that everything happens in a split second.

You are what you have been practicing to be, i.e. you may have developed a bad habit over the years without even noticing it, so you need to recognize and acknowledge that you have this habit in the first place. Even though you may have had a bad habit for a long time, you can get rid of it very quickly with the help of NLP secrets.

When you're learning something new, the state of mind you're in is very important. If you're feeling good while learning new things, the learning becomes easy and automatic. 

NLP Techniques: Anchoring as an Example

There are a lot of NLP techniques and tricks, but let's use anchoring as an example.

Anchoring means that some stimulus that you get exposed to triggers a certain response in you. This response can be either positive or negative. 

For example, you see a live snake, and you become scared to death.

Or, you smell ocean, and you instantly remember your wonderful beach vacation and start feeling awesome.

You can consciously create anchors for anything you desire by linking a certain emotional response to a specific trigger.

For example, you're running and everything seems to be going great and you're feeling awesome. You rub your forefinger and thumb together and make it an anchor for yourself. Then, whenever later you rub those fingers together, you remember and feel that wonderful feeling again.

Whenever you're feeling bad or uncomfortable, you can achieve the good state of mind using this (or any other) anchor that you've created for yourself.

And this is just one anchoring technique of the many...! Plus, there are many other techniques and NLP secrets that you can learn to use...!

How You Can Learn the NLP Secrets

There are a lot of books about NLP out there. Especially the latest books from Richard Bandler, the co-founder of the field of NLP, are excellent resources.

However, I'd recommend that you attend some live course to learn NLP, it's absolutely the best way to learn it. NLP is quite technical to learn from books alone, and you might not understand everything correctly. At live courses you learn by doing.

And the FUN part? Yes, live NLP courses are a lot of FUN! And when you have fun while learning, you kind of learn easily and automatically, right?

The Main Benefits of NLP

NLP can help you in many ways, because there are lots of tools and tricks that you can use to create a better life for yourself.

You can use NLP to:

  • Make lasting changes to your thinking and your belief system to change your behavior. This is a really big NLP secret, because you take action based on your thoughts and beliefs that create your habits, and your habits determine the results you get in your life.

    So, what are you doing day in and day out?

    When you learn to think differently, it will affect your outer appearance, too: You start shining, you lose weight (if needed) etc.

  • Communicate more effectively with anybody. It helps you create rapport and get the end results you want. Use NLP in your relationships and business life.

  • Get motivated and stay focused on important things. You get to play with your emotions and memories, and over time, you can easily choose your state of mind.

  • Your life becomes more FUN! Learning is one of the most motivating ways to stay inspired. You'll start seeing your life as a fun series of challenges instead of never-ending problems. 

How Does NLP Work with Phobias?

NLP combined with hypnosis (= a relaxed state of mind) is one of the best ways to deal with phobias. It doesn't matter which phobia you have. Using NLP techniques you learn to experience that fear in a different way, i.e. your thoughts and feelings about that fear will be changed.

One of the most common phobias is fear of flying.

Did you know that another NLP secret is that with the help of a skilled NLP practitioner, you can eliminate that fear in 15 minutes flat?

Do you fear public speaking, or do you keep wondering what might happen tomorrow? Well, NLP can help you become a natural speaker, and you can relearn how to live in this moment.

So the idea is that you don't have to suffer from the negative, fearful things that go around in your head. You have a choice to get rid of your phobias.

NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming

As you may already know, NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro meaning that your brain receives information through all of your five senses, i.e. what you see, hear, feel, touch, and taste.

Linguistic. You use language to order your thoughts and behavior and to communicate with others. You also use non-verbal language all the time.

Programming refers to the fact that you can reprogram your brain to get rid of your limiting beliefs, so that you can learn to think and act differently. You are capable of creating new beliefs and habits that serve you. Thus, you get different, better results. You can reprogram your mind for success.

NLP and Hypnosis

NLP and hypnosis kind of belong together. There is a lot of misunderstanding about hypnosis. Some people say that it's dangerous, but actually it's nothing but an altered state of awareness. It's normal, and we all experience it every day, so it's completely safe. And nobody can be hypnotized against their will.

You can influence people with the help of hypnosis, but then again, you influence other people all the time - without hypnosis!

A good example of everyday hypnosis is driving from place A to place B. You don't remember anything from driving there, you just did. Suddenly you realize you're there. Scientifically, the frequency of your brain is just lower when you're in hypnosis.

Another good example of hypnosis is when you're watching movies. If the movie is sad, you start crying, even though you know that the movie isn't true. This the way you neurology works.

"The NLP Bandler", Richard Bandler

"The NLP Bandler", i.e. Richard Bandler - the co-founder of the field of NLP - is also one of the most skilled hypnotists in the world...

Watch this quick video here and learn more about him and how the exact science of NLP began.

Useful NLP Resources

NLP courses are held around the globe. Attend and get your NLP certifications, start learning from the masters (Richard Bandler himself, Paul McKenna and others).

If you don't have a possibility to attend a live course now, you can still watch free videos and get free downloads at the NLP Life Training home page.

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