My dream car

by Priyanshu

I had been under a deep influence of law of attraction beliefs, since I read the Power and watched the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. But it was not until last week of December 2012 that I realized that I had to not just be under its influence, but actually believe what I want to receive. It was that day that I all of a sudden just imagined myself sitting in the car of my dreams. And from that every day, before sleeping I would imagine myself that way, and feel the happiness, the intensity of my happiness increased ever day.

And so did the day come, on January 26th I was just walking with my father when he took me to the car show room, and said, “Son, what car would you like to buy?” I was on the seventh cloud. We bought the same car I dreamed of, and luckily we got it at a much lower price than I had expected. Definitely the secret of law of attraction did wonders to my life. I am a lot happier than ever.

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