The Law Of Receiving:
Give Before You Can Get

The Law of Receiving is one of the universal laws of attraction. It's about getting you ready to receive all of the things that you desire. Regardless of how hard you try to succeed, if you're not ready to receive it, you won't get what you desire.

The Message of the Law of Receiving:
Give from the Bottom of Your Heart

This is not about getting something, it's about giving from the bottom of your heart so that you can receive graciously.

If you think that you must get before you can give, you shut out the spirit of giving. Giving is the first law of all creation. If getting dominates a mind, that mind is limited, because then it's not in harmony with the law of creation.

So many people receive only little, because they give out so little.

When you dream about something, you need to send a clear and definite outline of your desire out to the universe, right?

You need to release your dream, "Let go and let God", like the saying goes.

When you relax and have no stress about your dream coming true, the Law of Receiving can reply to your desires. You notice things beginning to change for you.

For example, you desired to see a certain friend. At some time you sent out this thought or desire, and then you forgot about it. The next thing you knew was that you were walking down the street and bumped right into this friend you desired to see again.

However, when your desires are more important and bigger than seeing an old friend, you may fail to release your desires out into the universe. You hold on to those thoughts anxiously. Then you become stressed, because you achieve nothing worthwhile.

You see, the mind is like a sponge: You squeeze it hard with your anxious thoughts. But, you must first release the pressure and allow the sponge to take its normal shape so that it can become absorbent and receptive again, right?

So, it's not enough to just express your desires. That's only the beginning. Giving always comes first and defines the receiving, regardless of what you're giving.

You can give anything; your thought, your word, or your service. 

It doesn't have to be money! You have to give all your thought and effort toward seeking that which will create your desire. If you focus on receiving, not giving any thought or idea or desire to build upon, your desires do not manifest.

The Law of Receiving states that “As you freely give, you freely receive." You need to be free to give out your desire, or your good. The Law of Receiving cannot proceed to supply any need without a pattern.

Many people try to work this law backwards, thinking that "After I get, then I will give", and that's why they get little or no results. If you wish any good thing for yourself, you must first give some good to build upon.

Right And Wrong Way to Give

There is careless and careful giving. If you give to somebody who doesn’t do anything to help himself, you can't expect a good return. However, the universe helps the ones who at least try to help themselves.

For example, if you just give and give money to someone who can't appreciate it or use it wisely, you're as much at fault as that other person.

If you don't see anything good coming out of your giving, but you're running out of money instead, then you're part of the cause of this person's failure. You're casting your pearls away, you're wasting your substance.

Then you must let this person sink or swim by himself and see how it goes. You need to give this person a chance to be on his own, a chance to be proud of his efforts that enable him to make good on his own merit.

Receive the Results of Your Giving

After you give, your next step is to prepare to receive the results of your giving. Your preparation shows your active faith. Instead of just waiting, you're preparing and working. This strengthens your power to receive.

The key to the Law of Receiving is that you're attracting into your life what you give and expect. Whether you attract good or bad, it is governed by this same principle.

You've probably noticed that when something bad has happened to you, you've thought that “Oh, yes, this is just what I expected!”, right?

Often we humans desire one thing and expect in our hearts another, which creates only confusion in our minds. Then the mind is unable to attract the desired end result.

Positive mental vibrations, however, remove doubt and fear with confident expectation that all things will work all right. There is a power within you that will never fail to see you through. You can help your good to come to you by preparing for it.

For example, think of one specific thing you're very good at, one talent you have. You do your best to make the most of it. Then there's someone else with many talents, but this other person doesn't use his talents for anything good.

Someone (that is you in this case), who makes full use of what he or she has, will always be blessed with more and more of the good things.

That is the path of increase, and the secret of the Law of Receiving.

It works for everything in every area of your life, wherever you choose to apply it.

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