The Law Of Non-Resistance:
What You Resist, Persists!

The Law of Non-Resistance teaches that whenever you resist something, you give more power to it. It means that if you focus your energy against the things you do NOT want, you only make those things stronger. By resisting something you are directing negative energy to that thing, so it affects you even more negatively.

What You Resist, Persists.

Have you noticed how many anti-something events are arranged around the world all the time? People mean well, and their goal is most likely to stop those bad things from happening.

However, because people are focusing their energy on those bad things, the bad things are increased.

The Law of Non-Resistance requires you to work WITH and FOR the things you DO want. You should give your time, thought and energy to that what you want.

"I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, invite me!"

- Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa knew how it all works. She was not against war, she was for peace.

The Law of Non-Resistance Way of Dealing with Problems

When some people have problems, they put up a fight, thinking that they can get rid of their problems that way. Struggle, however, means that you're going against the flow. This is ignoring the Law of Non-Resistance, and that's why many people’s lives are hard.

So, if you go through life fighting, resisting, and arguing, you're bound to have problems and likely become so occupied fighting them that you lose sight of your real goals.

Whenever you have a problem, you should never fight it.

Acknowledge it, surrender to it and take such action that feels good to you. This is the correct and best way to solve the problem.

For example, think about an argument with somebody. You win by refusing to argue. When differences of opinion arise and your opinion is right, the real victory lies in the fact that right is right, regardless of what others may say about it.

If you see no way to overcome a problem, it means that you're going against the Law of Non-Resistance. Always change the direction instead of struggling with your current situation.

Bless and do good things to those that hate you and treat you badly, because in doing good you are raised above the bad thoughts. Then those bad things can't touch your life.


Blessing calls forth the highest good within you. The highest good within you can only attract the highest good from another.

Be Like a Little Stream...

Think of a little stream of water and how determined it is to reach the mighty ocean...

Going with the flow

When the stream is small and struggling, it has the most difficult time. In the beginning it has many obstacles across its path.

Silently it uses the Law of Non-Resistance, and it grows stronger in force and volume. When it becomes a larger stream and then a river, its path is more direct and the obstacles become less and less. Then it's not far from the ocean.

Be as determined as the little stream to reach all the good that is waiting for you. Why delay its benefits by putting obstacles into your stream of abundance?

Every worried and angry thought, fear, doubt, complaint, and argument are boulders that you throw into your stream. These tend to change your course and to lengthen the time for your goal to be reached.

Unite your forces for good with the good that is looking for you. Remove every obstacle by blessing it. 

Don't think of it as a stumbling block, but a stepping stone, which leads to your highest good.

Bob Proctor

Universal Laws of Attraction

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