Praise To Actualize
The Law Of Increase

The Law of Increase deals with the concept that you have to grow and develop. You can always get better and develop in every area of your life. For example, even if you think your health is already great, it can continue to get better, to increase.

Remember the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp?

As a child, you've also dreamed of the beautiful things in life. Yet, many of your dreams may have remained as such, because you couldn't do anything about them.

Well, there is a principle, which is equal to the magic lamp. It's not any material thing that you rub so that the genie appears, though.

It's an understanding, which makes it possible for you to use the Law of Increase more clearly. When you use it, you stimulate your good. You experience so much pleasure and happiness that it seems like magic or miracles. And, your wishes are unlimited.

The Law of Increase Encourages You to Praise All That You Desire

This understanding is the act of praising everything that you desire. Praise is a stimulant of the mind. It affects, moves and stimulates you. It magnetizes all the good around you.

You're lifted up and you unconsciously touch the law and gain its blessing. What has been an unconscious act, can become a regular means of stimulating your good.

If you learn the simple method of praise, that alone will stimulate and increase your good in the physical plane. Praise complements faith. Faith is understanding, and praise is applying that understanding.

Praise is faith in action.

The Law of Increase could also be called the Law of Praise, because whatever you praise, grows and develops. Everything; other people, flowers, your relationships, your job or business... you name it.

For example, think of children, who are very glad when they are praised. If they're learning a new skill like walking or riding a bike, praise makes them try even harder, right? Praise makes them want to develop that skill further.

On the other hand, if someone puts you down or criticizes you, then you feel like you shrink and you have no desire to do any better, right? This is how one reacts when this law is reversed.

The Power of Praise

When you praise something, you tune into the heightened power of gratitude. There is a powerful vibrational frequency, an expansion that happens at the cellular level of your body when you feel deeply grateful for something. Your body sings in the vibration of praise and gratitude. This is your mind working through your every cell.

Consequently, whatever you want to see more of in your life, you should praise and be grateful for.

But it is not enough to praise with your lips, the praise and gratitude must come from the bottom of your heart.

Praise in your heart enters into the vibration of the universe and increases what you have praised.

It's very important to be grateful for the things you have now and for the things you desire to come into your life.

Be Open to the Good in Everything

Always look for the accomplishments, the good, and the beauty in everybody and everything that is worthy of your praise. This has a dual effect. It enriches you, so you radiate praise, joy, courage, and happiness to all who are affected by your influence.

When you're grateful, you allow all the good from the universe to come into your life, because you become receptive to it.

Start working with the Law of Increase and the rest of the universal laws of attraction, and you will raise your consciousness, grow as a spiritual being, and inevitably manifest the things you want to see in your life.

Universal Laws of Attraction

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