The Law Of Forgiveness

The Law of Forgiveness encourages to to forgive everything to yourself and to others. When you forgive, healthy and natural ideas fill your mind, and your body takes on a like condition.

The brightest scientists of today accept the truth that the human body is moved by the mind, that all its functioning is governed by a ruling thought, whether it's conscious or unconscious. Those who study the mental processes find that all the conditions of the body are created or caused by the mind. Those who are effecting healing through mental and spiritual processes are merely catching up with the facts of all the Saints, Sages, Avatars, and Masters.

Whenever you keep your negative feelings inside of you, that is when you don't forgive someone.

Unforgiveness Is Poison - It Causes Illnesses

Those negative feelings get suppressed and cause some kind of illness. If you have some illness or problems with your health, it means that you don't follow the Law of Forgiveness.

Cancer and other bad diseases are due to a lot of bad thoughts and feelings like guilt, anger, hatred, grief, and anxiety getting bottled up and suppressed within our minds.

You need to analyze your situation and search for some hidden and forgotten condition that could've caused your illness. Then, unless this harbored thought is uprooted from your unconscious mind, this condition will continue to appear again and again in spite of all the surface remedies that you may get to kill the pain.

The Message of the Law of Forgiveness

You have to forgive everyone who has caused you pain and suffering. By forgiving you will be able to escape the consequences of those hidden bad feelings. That is the essence of the Law of Forgiveness.

"Forgiving is for giving yourself the freedom to be happy again."

- Stephen Lane Taylor

Just like weeds in your garden must be pulled out completely so that they're permanently destroyed. If you just cut them off each time they appear, they will sprout again. In the garden of your mind, harmful thoughts and habits must be destroyed so that only flowers of healthy and happy thoughts may grow.

Learning to forgive may not be easy, but it's essential for good health.

Why would you want to suffer awful consequences because of someone else who's been very negative towards you in the past?

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

- Mahatma Gandhi

When you forgive, you benefit yourself and others. When you suppress your feelings, you are hurting yourself.

Everyone must at some time learn to live by this law. Only as we forgive are we forgiven. We must put forth the first effort.

"True forgiveness is when you can say, "Thank you for that experience."

- Oprah Winfrey

If you need help with these issues, I'm sure you can benefit from this truly wonderful movie called You Can Heal Your LifeIt's about the story of Louise L. Hay and her teachings. It explains a lot about the relationship between the mind and body, forgiveness and loving yourself.

Check out these various techniques for releasing your emotional baggage.

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