10 Law of Attraction Tips -
How to Make the Universe Deliver 

Below are 10 Law of Attraction tips that you can use to your advantage to jumpstart the use of the Law of Attraction in your life. The LoA is a wonderful and useful tool that you can use to learn how to manifest your desires and dreams that have to do with health, wealth, career, relationships, or anything that you can imagine. With the help of LoA, anything is possible – as long as you believe that it's attainable.

Note that these 10 Law of Attraction tips are not in any specific order. They're all important, so it's best if you use all of them.

1. Be Clear about What You Want, But Don't Be Obsessed with the "How" and "When".

The first one of these Law of Attraction tips is to learn how to not micromanage the universe. As human beings it's our nature to try to control as many aspects of our lives as possible, but in reality, is the universe controllable?

Your responsibility with the Law of Attraction is to be completely open and to obtain clarity of what you want in your life.

But don't worry about when something will happen or how it will happen, because it's the universe's task to take care of the how and when.

Live, laugh, love, and be a child once in a while! This will help to bring an overwhelming amount of joy into your life. This in itself will activate the Law of Attraction in your life.

2. Follow Through with Your Intentions.

Having the intent to do something is great – but in order for it to become a positive thing, you need to follow through with your intentions. First, you should try creating small intentions for yourself, such as washing the dishes every morning or remembering to make your bed before going to work. Do these tasks without using an ample amount of effort and imagine that you are weightless while following through.

Practicing how to make your intentions reality is a fantastic way to gather empowerment through other areas in your life as it reconnects you with your positive inner being and energy. You feel the confidence in yourself, you feel that you can make it! This is why following through with your intentions is one of the best Law of Attraction tips.

3. Know That You Can Attract.

Everyone has encountered a situation where they know what they want, or they can picture what they want, but they have absolutely no idea as to how to get it.

Instead of slumping into the “I don’t know” category, believe that you can attract the things that you want in your life, especially if you really do not know how to get it. Don’t fight frustration, make peace with it and this will help the universe to guide you to successful outcomes.

4. Gain Self-Awareness.

Being able to understand your inner being and find the creator within yourself is another one of the great Law of Attraction tips that you should take into consideration. The creator within you is the person who is fearless, all-knowing, and understandable. Being able to harness these characteristics will sufficiently prepare you for the universe.

5. Let the Universe Guide You.

The main aspect of the Law of Attraction is to remain positive and feel good so that positive things can come to you. "Like attracts like", remember? You must rely on the universe and allow it to move you and through you to show you the right way to accomplish things.

6. Find Your "Why".

The essence of your being is the most important part of you as it describes what your needs and desires are. Every time that you think of something that you desire, find the root cause of the longing.

As an example, if you want a wonderful romantic relationship, the root cause would be the need for true love. Or if you want to have a lot of money, the root cause could be your desire to provide great possibilities for your children so that they could enjoy an amazing life, or you might want to help the less fortunate ones. (I believe that the deepest, purest joy comes from helping others, in a way or another.)

Whatever the reason behind your desires, whatever your "why", this will allow you to grab enough power to know how to make your goals and ensure that they are achieved.

7. Pay Attention to What You Truly Want.

You wouldn’t want to waste your efforts focusing on the things that you don’t want in life. Instead, you should be paying attention to the things that you DO want. Always. The more that you are able to focus on the positive, the more positive things will come your way. Again, "like attracts like..."

8. Understand the Importance of Creative Visualization and Positive Affirmations.

It's crucial that you use creative visualization and positive affirmations as some of my most important Law of Attraction tips, because your subconscious mind can't distinguish between what's real and what's imagined. And what comes to affirmations, it's very important how you talk to yourself.

For example, if you're watching a horror movie, you likely feel frightened, right? It goes straight into your subconscious mind and becomes part of you, even though you know that "it's just a movie", and it's not real.

So the movies you play in your mind day in day out do play an important role!

Check out how you can make empowering, personalized mind movies to achieve your dreams faster.

You should understand that the Law of Attraction is much like gravity, it pulls you wherever it pulls you according to the vibrations you're sending out.

Simple tips on how to raise your vibration immediately.

9. Be Grateful for What You Have Now.

Focusing on what you have right now is a fantastic way to jumpstart the Law of Attraction in your life. Instead of worrying about things that you want to have manifested in the future, create mantras pertaining to something that you already have and that you're very grateful for.

As an example, instead of repeating “I want 10 friends by the end of the year”, repeat “I am very grateful for having three great friends right now.”

Rhonda Byrne from The Secret says that if you only want to follow one Law of Attraction tip, then practice being grateful! This is because gratitude makes you feel very good, even blessed, and then only good things can come your way.

Read more about gratitude.

10. Dream to Manifest Your Goals.

Dreaming gives you the perfect opportunity to manifest your goals.  Before going to sleep, ask the universe to assist you with becoming one with your goal and allow yourself to know that you can reach your goal while dreaming. This will help to motivate you immensely.

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