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When talking about the Law of Attraction relationships and love, several questions come up. For example, "Can I attract a perfect relationship, a specific person into my life, and how? Did I attract and was I responsible for the bad experiences that I had in the past?"

The Law of Attraction is a powerful force which affects your life, whether you're aware of it or not.

Too many people live their lives unconscious of the Law of Attraction and the many other forces at work in creating their experience. Moving towards deliberate attraction and creation, however, requires an awareness of your intention, attention and emotion. That's when you move from subconsciously creating your life to consciously and deliberately attracting your experiences.

Healthy Relationships

Learning about Law of Attraction relationships can help you build a healthy and successful relationship. The lessons learnt are vital. They help you understand that you're in charge of your own destiny and you have a big role in ensuring that a given relationship succeeds and makes you happy.

As a person in a relationship, your role is not to control the other person or the conditions around. It's more about controlling your own vibration and what you are sending into the universe. This is what will determine what comes back to you.

Relying on the Law of Attraction to build a healthy relationship involves realization that the true freedom is not being a control freak. It's about paying attention to your own thoughts, feelings, words and vibrations. Through such an initiative, you will only be activating the parts that you want to experience.

If you apply this in your life, your love life can be transformed into a miracle. It doesn't mean that your Law of Attraction relationship and love life will be perfect, a situation where you are both happy and stay this way day in and day out.

There will be times when temperaments are raised but if you know how to control the situation will make a big difference in getting out of such a mess. When you focus your attention on things that will make the relationship work, things that you like about your partner, the situation will change, and it’s magical.

Love Yourself First!

A good relationship is all about how you handle it, and it largely depends on how you treat yourself.

You need to love yourself first so that you can spread that love to others. This means that being a bit "selfish" is not a bad thing after all. When you connect with whom you really are and to the higher emotions of appreciation and love, you won't do anything to hurt others. Unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself, chances of making others happy and maintaining a successful relationship are very slim.

People who have difficulty loving themselves have relationship problems. They always judge others and never tolerate criticism from others. This makes it hard to form a successful relationship with others, unless they learn the Law of Attraction. These people normally lead very dissatisfied lives.

Disapproving Others

A disappproval from somebody doesn't mean that you have a problem. It's basically a projection of deficiency in the other person.

When you disapprove others, what you're actually doing is portraying your stuff on them, when your attention is turned to what you don't like. You only attract similar negative vibration from the other person and that means that at the end of it all the kind of people whom you attract are those who make you feel judged, angry, or full of negative energy.

So don't waste your time in disapproving others.

Applying the Law of Attraction in a relationship helps you get the power of control while interacting with the other person. You learn to ignore what isn't necessary and focus more energy on what works. You learn to appreciate more on the things that you like about your partner while putting little thoughts and energy on those that bring negative energy.

What you give your focus, emotion and attention,
you attract into your life.

And this applies to the Law of Attraction relationships and love, too.

Your Vibration and Law of Attraction Relationships

Everyone whom you attract into your life, is a match to something that you are vibrating at either a conscious or subconscious level.

If you want to know what you are vibrating, look at who you're attracting. Most obviously, it's a similar match.

Law of Attraction Relationships and Love - The Greatest Love of All?

Do you know a person who's stuck in a "victim vibration"? This type of people seem to attract abusive partners in romantic relationships. Their vibration as a victim can be a match to a potential abuser. Another match to the "victim vibration" is the rescuer. Victims, abusers and rescuers create a drama triangle. These three roles vibrate matches to each other.

They often get stuck moving from point to point in the triangle. In one relationship they may be the victim. In the next, they may be the rescuer or the abuser. Also, desperate or needy people often vibrate matches for people who try to help them or use them in some way.

To make the Law of Attraction relationships and your love life work for you, use the same tools and techniques as with anything.

To attract a relationship that is the fulfillment of your dreams involves the same basic steps of deliberate attraction as any other thing you desire to have.

Your Free Choice

One of the issues these questions about the Law of Attraction relationships and love have in common is a search for where your responsibility ends and another person's begins.

For example, when you're feeling down, you may attract a friend who calls you to complain about everything. In this case, your own low vibration is attracting someone of similar vibration. You may want to engage with that person and stay at that low vibration, or perhaps go even lower together with that friend.

How does that feel?

Well, we all have free choice. This is why you can't attract a person to you who doesn't want to engage with you. You choose whom you engage with, and you choose your actions. 

You attract matches into your life. It's your choice to engage with them or not. You can choose to stay or leave. You're responsible for your actions.

I would suggest that make it a habit of not joining in feeling bad, because that doesn't help solve problems, it only makes things escalate.

However, when there is something that is bothering you, one of you can ask about it but the whole conversation doesn't have to dwell on the topic. Make it as short as possible and get over it.

You can also choose to move yourself to a different, higher level of vibration. Then you feel empowered, and you also begin to see a change in the type of people you attract into your life.

I'm sure you know people who often say things like "Nobody understands me but you." or "Without you I'd be lost."

These people may want you to make decisions for them. This, however, does not help them at all. It keeps them in their comfortable victim role.

Remember that everybody should take 100% responsibility for their own choices.

However, it's a known fact that your beliefs control the outcomes you get in your relationships, just like in life in general. That's why it's important to get rid of the harmful, negative beliefs that you may have.

Of course you want to feel empowered and happy, and you want to attract other empowered and happy people to you in all aspects of your life, right?

Well, when you're in love and have a Law of Attraction relationship, you know and feel that there is an almost magical connection between you.

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