How to Use the Law of Attraction
for Love and Relationships

A few simple steps can help you utilize the Law of Attraction for love, whether you want to attract a new love, heal a relationship, or bring an old love back into your life. 

The Law of Attraction in its most simplest form is the idea that "like attracts like". This means that your thoughts will manifest into your reality. For this to work to your advantage and for you to be able to use the Law of Attraction for love to get what you really want from a relationship, you may have to adjust your attitude about how you look at love and your ideal partner.

How Are You Currently Using the Law of Attraction for Love and Relationships?

Law of Attraction love and relationships are all dictated by the way you think about love. Many people, both men and women, have several failed relationships, so they have plenty of information about what they do not want in a relationship, so they use that information for self talk and their thought process.

Using phrases like "I do not want a man/woman who puts work before me" actually puts out that negative energy into the universe and does not result in what you expect or want for yourself. Instead, replace that statement with a positive affirmation like "I want someone in my life who puts me before his/her career". It's all about the energy that you send out as to what you will get back.

And How You Should Use It

Using the Law of Attraction for love to bring your soulmate into your life starts with your approach as discussed above. Each time you start feeling negative, or you feel those negative thoughts creeping in, you want to be able to push them aside with positive thoughts.

Practice using positive affirmations. You can tell the difference between what is negative and what is positive by the way the affirmation makes you feel. If what you're thinking or saying out loud makes you feel angry, agitated, or on edge, then you know that it's negative. Positive thoughts make you feel good and hopeful.

Watch Your Language!

Avoid statements that are actually sentiments like "I will never find anyone", "All the good ones are already taken", or "I am a bum magnet"

Those statements are poison and will only result in attracting people that re poisonous to your happiness.

Visualize Your Perfect Partner.

Visualize your ideal partner is a great way to send out positive vibrations into the universe so that the universe can recognize what it is that you need. What is different about you when you're in your ideal relationship in your daydreams? Are you more relaxed? More goal-oriented? Become that person now. Become the person now that you see yourself being with your soulmate. Participate in the activities that you want to participate with your soulmate.

If your ideal love is a musician, then learn to play an instrument. If he/she is a great cook, then learn to cook. If you want someone who is into art, then visit art museums and galleries or learn to paint. Be the person that you want to be when your soulmate is part of your life. Prepare for great things to come.

Love Yourself!

Before you can ever have someone fall madly in love with you, you have to be in love with yourself. In other words, for the universe to send you your soulmate, you have to be able to receive your soulmate. You have to think positively of yourself. Set your standards and believe that you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be treated well, and you deserve to be in love.

Wish Them Well.

Avoid feelings of jealousy when you see happy couples. Jealousy is a very negative emotion and will repel any good coming your way. Instead, believe that what you're witnessing is getting closer to being part of your reality. Instead of wishing that you had what they have, wish them well and genuinely mean it, even if you're only wishing them well in your mind.

Give It Some Time.

Everything including the Law of Attraction for love happens in its own time. Keeping focused on the good things in your life and appreciating life right now is important. A lot of people get frustrated when their soulmate doesn't show up in the time that they expect they will. You have to give the universe an opportunity to send you the love that you seek in your life. It will happen exactly at the moment that it's supposed to happen, not exactly when you want it to. Don't let doubt undermine your happiness.

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