Use The Law Of Attraction
For Health Concerns -
You Can Heal Your Life

Know that you can use the Law of Attraction for health related matters, as well. There is also strong evidence of the fact that you can affect your health with the power of your mind. But what does your perfect health mean to you?

In general, good health is something that people usually mention as their top priority in life. 

However, it's sad how many of us don't pay that much attention to attracting health in our lives until it's compromised somehow. Everyone who's been seriously sick could say that "health is the wealth of wealth".

You can do a lot for yourself before you get sick by using truly high-quality, natural supplements to increase your overall well-being.

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”

- Josh Billing

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What Makes You Feel As Though You're in Harmony with Your Body?

First of all, you need to identify what perfect health means to you, because it means different things to different people.

Do you want to lose weight, control your blood pressure, rid your body of cancer, or run a marathon?

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

- author unknown

Heal Your Life with the Power of Your Mind

It is possible to control your health with the power of your mind. Of course, life happens, and you can't control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you react and respond to those things.

Although it may seem that your body is just a physical entity, it's also a creation of your thoughts and emotions. 

So you too can use the Law of Attraction for health improvement. That's why it's important that you feel good most of the time, so you transmit positive vibrations and attract health to yourself. 

When you feel strong and powerful, you also feel healthy, right?

The great thing is that no matter how bad your health situation may seem like now, you are unlimited in your ability to heal yourself. Like anything else you want to manifest, you can manifest health.

You need to focus on the end result. What level of health do you want to achieve? Be willing to accept that you can do it. Believe that you can attract health, and you can. Otherwise it's no use. When you can think of it as a possibility, then take action.

"When we change the way we think, we change our lives. What most people do not understand is how powerful our thinking is and how involved it is in our health crisis."

- Bob Proctor

Use your imagination and see your mind healing the parts of your body that need to be healed. Visualize to attract health to yourself. Focus your attention on improving and healing, thus you attract positive energy.

If you think that you fight against some illness, then you only attract negative energy. Then you're not using the Law of Attraction for health improvement, but just the opposite. So make sure you think of your health in positive terms. Your goal is to manifest health, not to push it away from you.


I'm not saying that you shouldn't seek for medical help if you need it. Naturally, it's even likely that those "normal" practices are part of you manifesting the level of health that you desire.

But remember, it's always and only the vibrations of your own body that ultimately manifest health into your existence, even if you may need help from other people, such as doctors.


If you allow stress to enter your life, you are more likely to develop some kind of a sickness, a cold or flu maybe. Or, if you keep allowing more and more stress into your life, you may develop something worse over time. You see, stress is the root cause of so many illnesses, so you'd better protect yourself from excess stress.

"Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”

- Danzae Pace

Law of Attraction for Health Miracles

You may have heard of "miracles" or other cases where the doctors haven't given any hope to a seriously sick person. Against all odds, a miracle has then happened, and the person has overcome the sickness or injury.

I think it's proof of the fact that you can have power over your health. Read about Louise Hay's amazing story about how You Can Heal Your Life.

Remember the Couple from The Secret with Their Personal "Miracle" Stories?

The man, Morris E. Goodman, "The Miracle Man", was in a plain crash. Among other things, his spinal cord was crashed. The doctors told him  that he'd never walk again. But, he decided otherwise. He had made up his mind that he walk out of that hospital by Christmas that year (the accident had happened in March 1981). And he did.

Read about The Secret movie here.

His wife, Cathy Goodman, had breast cancer.

She healed herself by being happy, watching funny movies ("laughter is the best medicine"), focusing only on positive things, not allowing any stress into her life.

She believed she was already healed.

And within three months, the cancer was gone, without any radiation or chemotherapy.

I think this is an amazing example of how you can powerfully use the Law of Attraction for health issues, even if the problems seem very serious, or "impossible", as many would say.

But as they say, DISease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state. Your immune system is made to heal itself. Incurable means curable from within.

“Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.”

- Cicero

What to Do to Attract Better Health?

Now, have you thought about using the Law of Attraction for health related matters in your own life?

It's obvious that your positive actions in relation to your health, such as exercise, healthy food, not smoking or drinking (too much) create positive vibrations.

Your actions must align with your desires, so if you want to attract health into your life, you must make the right decisions every day.

Do the steps below if it's your goal to use the Law of Attraction for health concerns that you may have:

1. Decide the level of health you want to attract.

2. Do this visualization exercise after you've defined what you desire regarding using the Law of Attraction for health concerns. You don't need to know how it will happen. Once you've made the decision, you'll find a way to do that. The answer lies within. You start taking inspired, effortless action on how to use this natural Law of Attraction for health improvement.

3. Manifest the desired outcome. Allow yourself to receive it by feeling good. You must bring yourself into the alignment what you're asking for.

“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

- Edward Stanley

How Has the Law of Attraction worked for You?

We'd love to read about it.

Share your own story here, whether "big" or "small".

My Story of Better Health

When I was younger, I thought I'd never have to deal with health concerns. As I was always slim, I never had problems with my weight... But after my first child was born (2002), I started having problems with my belly fat. It really looked like as if I were still pregnant, and it looked like that for several months after the baby was born. I faced the same challenge after the birth of my second (2005) and third (2009) child. I gained about 65 lbs (about 30 kg) with every pregnancy.

About ten months after delivery, strangers were asking me when I was due. They didn't even ask whether I was expecting or not, because it was so "obvious" that I was pregnant... It was kind of embarrassing having to explain to them that there's nobody inside, not anymore, hasn't been for a long time... So I realized that the belly fat won't just go away over time unless I do something about it. Besides, I felt very uncomfortable in that body, it wasn't me, and I didn't like what I saw.

So what did I do about it?

I decided that I put the Law of Attraction for health into action for me. I simply started focusing my mind on the body I had before the kids. I found a good picture of the slim me. So I was staring at it often, feeling good about myself.

Almost automatically, I started taking inspired action to correct the situation I was in.

I started exercising again, after way too many years of practically no exercise at all. I was often remembering the times when I used to run and I was feeling good about it. I started feeling that desire to run again. I had that great feeling even in my legs. You see, your muscles remember their former strength.

I was taking baby steps to attract health to my mind and body. I also got excited about cross-country skiing again. And, exercising in the gym was something I had never before cared about, but now, I like it very much.

And when you're in a better shape, you don't feel like eating unhealthy food or candies. At least not that often. ;-) By now, I've lost almost all of those extra pounds and kilos. It's amazing how good this feels already!

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