The Law Of Abundance
Or The Law Of Supply

The Law of Abundance or the Law of Supply is one of the universal laws of attraction. Its basic idea is that whatever you desire and believe that you can have, you will have.

There Is Enough of Everything

You're always looking for good things that would make you happier or improve your life somehow, right? Well, this desire is only natural for us humans. The good news is that the universe is filled with the essential substance of every good thing that you can imagine to have. It's your right to have anything you desire for a good purpose.

The Law of Abundance states that the supply of everything in this universe is ever increasing, so the storehouse of the universe will never be empty.

Find out how you can learn to use the Law of Abundance and the other universal laws of attraction, and there is no limit to the good that you can enjoy in your personal life.

Believe in the Good and Expect It to Happen

As this is a law, it works for everyone. Whether you realize it or not, you're always attracting what you want or expect. Now you may think that "Hey, that's not true, I don't want any bad things happening to me...!"

Maybe not consciously, but you may expect those things happening unconsciously, that is in your subconscious mind. This means that you may not even be consciously aware of the things that you expect to happen.

Of course, you want only good things in your life, right? Then you'd better use this power consciously. Let me explain.

It may be hard to believe in something you don't see. It's much easier to believe in what you see with your own eyes.

If you see a lot of great things around you, you believe that they exist, right? But, the truth is that you have to see the abundance of everything good with your mind's eye first. Believing is seeing. The Law of Abundance is based on your belief, so your belief determines what you see manifest in the physical plane.

Demand and Supply

The substance of anything can change forms many times, but it can never be destroyed. All the supply there ever was, still is, and it will always be there, for nothing can ever be destroyed. The universal Law of Abundance says that there can never be a shortage in supply.

Do you agree so far? If not, it means that you may not understand and apply this law to your life. Well, let's take a closer look on it then.

There are these concepts of demand and supply in every area of life.

You are comfortable with the things and gadgets that exist in your life at the moment, or that have existed all your life, right?

Do you remember when you first heard of a new invention, such as the Internet? Your first thought may have been that it's unnecessary or ridiculous. But, could you think of not using the Internet now that you know it exists and now that you enjoy its benefits? Probably not, because it's part of your everyday life.

Well, there was a demand for the need of connecting the world in a new way. Necessity gave someone ideas of this new thing. This someone saw the Internet with his mind's eye first, he was inspired to develop this idea further and then materialize it. Along the way, some people were probably against this idea or saw it as "impossible".

"The greatest discovery you'll ever make is the potential of your own mind."

- José Silva

Well, why did we live so long without the Internet, then? It's because nobody could visualize it. Nobody realized the need of it.

People didn't know how to demand it, because their minds weren't trained to demand such a thing. There was as much supply at hand then as there is now.

When there is no demand, there is no evidence of supply.

However, the substance of the Internet, as the substance of any new invention, has always been there. Somebody has to enlarge his or her mind to conceive the necessity of a new invention first. Only then can those things appear in our physical world.

This universal Law of Abundance works for you, if you use it consciously. You just need to train your mind to think bigger.

When you can think and realize more abundance out of what you already have, you'll receive more abundantly. Your current circumstances don't matter. It's the demands you make that determine your abundance. The supply is greater than the demand, and your own thinking determines the demand.

If the Law of Abundance Works This Way, Why Is There Poverty Then?

Ok, if the supply of everything in this universe is unlimited, why is there so much poverty in the world then? Why do millions starve?

Yes, there is enough food to go around. As bad as it may feel, there is so much food that we need to throw it away sometimes. Thus, our supply of food is greater than demand, we have oversupply.

The reason for poverty is the vision of the poor. Their consciousness, either collective or individual, or most likely both, is limited to such poverty. They aren't aware that there is actually plenty of food available, because some of them may never have had a proper meal.

Because you can't attract more of anything that your mind is able to receive, the only way to permanently help the poor is to raise the level of their consciousness.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

- Chinese proverb

Abundance and supply are one. So, to use the Law of Abundance correctly in your own life, you must think supply, talk supply, and live supply with your every thought.

Keep your thoughts focused on abundance of everything, so that any and all thoughts of lack and limitation are destroyed.

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