This Is What You'll Learn at
the A-Factor
(Attraction Factor)
with Joseph McClendon III

When teaching how to create the life that you desire and deserve, Joseph McClendon III combines neurosciences with the immutable Laws of Attraction to produce a strategic process that works. He teaches how you can go "further faster" in your life.

Joseph holds a Doctorate in Neuro-Psychology, several certifications in the neuro sciences and has become an expert in assisting others in overcoming fears, phobias and emotional challenges.

Joseph has coached regular people, top achievers, top athletes, and actors and stars for over 20 years.

Joseph's basic attraction process includes:

  1. WHAT do you want? Know exactly what you want. Results first.

  2. WHY do you want it? Your reasons why. 

  3. HOW are you gonna do it? Planning and strategy.

  4. DO IT! Action is temporary and finite, but activity is action repeated until the goal is surpassed.

Joseph McClendon III teaching at an A-Factor seminarJoseph McClendon III teaching at an A-Factor seminar I attended

Joseph has been working side by side with his friend Anthony Robbins for three decades. He's Tony's No. 1 Ultimate Performance Specialist.

Joseph also teaches at Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within events.

What is the A-Factor seminar all about?

I've had the pleasure to attend Joseph's 3-day and 3-phase seminar called the A Factor (Attraction Factor).

It's about discovering what you really want in your life and what stops you from getting it.

It's about building a new strong you, and finally learning the tools to get where you want to be in your life. 

The A-Factor seminar is for everybody, for both business people and regular people who want to get the most out of their lives.

There are five keys that you should always follow to master attraction. They are the foundation of your behavior as you go forward into your environment:

  1. Play full out!
  2. Be totally teachable.
  3. Keep It Simple and Silly (K.I.S.S.).
  4. Praise yourself consistently.
  5. Practice gratefulness.

The Attraction Factor seminar is nothing short of amazing...! Although it's three really intensive and interactive days from early morning to late evening (about 12 hours a day), not once did I feel bored or tired, but very empowered and energized instead.

Joseph McClendon III

Joseph, "The seminar boy", as he calls himself, really knows his stuff. He knows how to take his audience. It's very enjoyable to listen to him teach in his funny way.

People also shared very sensitive issues publically, and Joseph was able to help these people get rid of their worst fears and nightmares right there and then. He does know how to dig into the real problem regardless of what the person says in actual words. Surprisingly enough, the real problem is not always what the person first says it is...

Joseph's Attraction Factor Process Is About...

  • tapping into your inherent right to make real the situations, circumstances and events that give birth to your dreams and desires.

  • heigtening your awareness to the existence of the fact that you have at least some control over your own destiny.

  • creating the feelings, actions and activities that cause the success you desire.

  • systematically making the process automatic and unconsciously competent so that it becomes a natural extension of who you are.

What do you want to break through to?

Board breaking experience, Joseph McClendon III's signatureBoard breaking at A Factor

You have the possibility to break a board at Joseph's A Factor seminar.

On one side of the board you write the fears or other issues that you want to get rid of. On the other side you write the things you want to experience in your life, such as self-confidence, love and joy.

Books by Joseph McClendon III

Joseph has co-authored some books with Anthony Robbins:

Unlimited Power: A Black Choice

Ebony Power Thoughts: Inspirational Thoughts from Outstanding African Americans

Also, check out Joseph's book Get Happy NOW! from year 2012. I think this book is definitely one of the best books written on happiness, which is actually very simple at its core. I think this book is definitely one of the best books written on happiness, which is actually very simple at its core.

More products from Joseph, also in Spanish

Joseph McClendon's Other Live Events

H Factor (Happiness Factor)

Z Factor (Zoe Factor)

Joseph is also a passionate health coach. He focuses on health and vitality issues at his Z Factor seminars. Joseph McClendon was born on November 6th, 1953, yet he's in excellent shape.

P Factor (Presentation Factor)

Unleash the Power Within (UPW)

A personal growth seminar by peak performance coach Tony Robbins, who is also Joseph's good friend and business partner. Joseph teaches there, too.

One of the powerful tools Joseph McClendon III teaches is the Stop technique.

Tony Robbins Events

ALL Tony Robbins events in the UNITED STATES, FIJI, and SPAIN


This is Tony Robbins' flagship event, where both Tony himself and his good friend and business partner, Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III, are teaching. It's not mentioned anywhere that Joseph is also gonna be there, but he usually is. Besides being outstanding teachers, you're gonna have a lot of fun with them.

Los Angeles, CA, 14-17 March 2019

ExCeL London, 11-14 April 2019

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia, 19-22 September 2019


(Be sure to watch the documentary film "I am not your Guru" first. It's in Netflix.)

Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 20-25 May 2019

Palm Beach, Florida, 5-10 December 2019


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20-24 June 2019

Las Vegas, NV, 7-11 August 2019


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