P Factor (Presentation Factor) 
by Joseph McClendon III

Joseph McClendon III can help you become an outstanding speaker, whether you want to get rid of the fear of public speaking or to just enhance your presentation skills to a world-class level.

Joseph McClendon III is a world-class success coach and public speaker. He runs many seminars on many different topics, but in his P Factor (Presentation Factor) seminars he focuses on presentation and speaking skills using his own unique approach.

Joseph McClendon III

I think it's always such a pleasure to listen to Joseph.

Besides, his deep knowledge of his topics, many of the things he teaches I remember from how he said them (tone of voice, his jokes etc.), and how he used his body at that moment.

Joseph has the skill to see whether people are alert or not. During the seminar, he often tests his audience. He goes: "Put your notebooks down..." At that moment you should know what's coming next, that is "Stand up!", and then an exercise follows.

What will you learn at the P Factor seminar?

At the P Factor, you learn how to communicate your message to your audience effectively and how to influence them so that it really touches their hearts, minds, and souls.

It doesn't matter whether you're speaking in front of a few people or thousands of people, Joseph helps you find out what your personal style is, so that you can become an influential speaker.

One of the most common fears is the fear of public speaking. Joseph knows how to help you get rid of that fear so that you'll start to enjoy speaking in front of your audience, big or small.

Many people have a whole lot of knowledge in their area of expertise, but then they face challenges when trying to deliver the message they truly want to convey. Joseph says that any skill can be taught, learned, and enhanced.

You'll learn the essentials on the following things:

  • What it takes to become an extraordinary speaker

  • How you take notice of the environment you're speaking in (the stage, the size of the room, lightening etc.)

  • How you use and move on the stage

  • How you create a charismatic presence on the stage so that your audience will respect and admire you

  • How you plan and prepare your presentation so that you're entertaining, captivating, and present at the same time, no matter what the topic

  • How you influence and motivate your audience to take action

  • How you communicate to your audience, be it large or small

  • How you convey your presentation content in a simple, fun, interactive, educational, and credible way, maintaining a high energy level

  • How you inspire your audience by using the right kind of language

Books by Joseph McClendon III

Joseph has co-authored some books with Anthony Robbins:

Unlimited Power: A Black Choice

Ebony Power Thoughts: Inspirational Thoughts from Outstanding African Americans

Also, check out Joseph's book Get Happy NOW! from year 2012. I think this book is definitely one of the best books written on happiness, which is actually very simple at its core. I think this book is definitely one of the best books written on happiness, which is actually very simple at its core.

More products from Joseph, also in Spanish

Joseph McClendon's Other Live Events

A Factor (Attraction Factor)

H Factor (Happiness Factor)

Z Factor (Zoe Factor)

Other Resources That May Interest You

The S.T.O.P. Technique

Unleash the Power Within (UPW), a Tony Robbins seminar where Joseph McClendon III teaches, too

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