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Watch at least some of these truly inspirational movies about health and wellness. The movies with medical and other experts prove to you that you do have the power within you to heal yourself. Actually, your self healing power is phenomenal...! Manifesting health becomes a whole lot easier after applying the wisdom revealed in these films...

Inspirational Movies at SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE

Note that many of these films are truly eye-opening and even shocking...!

The Living Matrix

The Living Matrix certainly opens your mind to your self-healing potential. It includes amazing personal healing stories of various people.

This film uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. It documents the stories of people who have recovered from chronic illness – including a 5-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy, an osteopathic doctor with a brain tumor, and a housewife bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Do you ever wonder how the future of healthcare will look like...?

The Cure Is...

You'll never look at your health the same way once you see The Cure Is... movie! You realize that all the power you need is within you, and once you tap into it, you can truly experience miracles.

This is about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our own bodies?

The Cure is... unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It's time for us to look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body. This inspirational movie is about the right kind of thinking, forgiveness, love, nutrition...

Heal Your Self

In one form or another, most people are interested in their health, but it can be difficult to find solid information. Heal Your Self by Norm Hacker is wall-to-wall information that explores obvious topics such as food and nutrition, but it also covers areas such as emotional and environmental stress, the power of the mind, the power of love etc. 

Experts in this film include Dr. Bernie Siegel, John Gray, Ph.D., Seventh Generation Inc. co-founder Jeffrey Hollender, and other people who have cured themselves from serious illnesses, e.g. Meg Ryan's mother Susan Ryan, and 13 more people.


Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us. Well, that's the world we live in!

Now imagine another kind of world where everybody is manifesting from their heart the perfect creation that's within you and me, within each of us. Imagine a world where abundance, inner peace, longevity, and loving relationships abound.

Imagine E-Motion experts from all over the world sharing their wisdom and techniques for getting rid of our negative emotions to light a new pathway for us humans. Imagine that we're all sacred, spiritual beings here for a much bigger reason, serving a much higher, divine purpose. Well, that's where we're headed...


The hidden story about vaccines, drugs, and food... Three huge topics in one film. Why put all this in one movie, Bought...? Because these issues are directly related, and we have an opportunity to harness the millions of us engaged in each of them to overcome the noise put out by the medical-industrial conglomerate.

You peel back the layers and see what's really driving our industrialized food, our vaccine expansion, and our dependence on pharmaceuticals - it's the same culprit. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time.

These three story lines converge on Wall Street, but this story takes you beyond the problem to the inspiring and empowering role mothers are now taking in uniting to protect their families.

Alive Inside

Alive Inside is a joyous cinematic exploration of music’s capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity.

Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles the astonishing experiences of individuals who have been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music. His camera reveals the uniquely human connection we find in music and how its healing power can triumph where prescription medication falls short.

The Beautiful Truth

Raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year-old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of their animals. After the tragic death of his Mom, Garrett's Dad decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors, and cancer survivors. They reveal in The Beautiful Truth how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures...

Loving Lampposts

As autism has exploded into the public consciousness over the last 20 years, two opposing questions have been asked about the condition: 

Is it a devastating sickness to be cured? Or is it a variation of the human brain and just a different way to be human?

After his son’s diagnosis, filmmaker Todd Drezner visits the front lines of the autism wars. You get to meet the "recovery movement", which views autism as a tragic epidemic brought on by environmental toxins. Operating outside the boundaries of mainstream medicine, these parents, doctors, and therapists search for unconventional treatments that can "reverse" autism and restore their children to normal lives.

In Loving Lampposts, you also get to meet the "neurodiversity" movement, which argues that autism should be accepted and autistic people supported. This group argues that the focus on treatments and cures causes the wider society to view autistic people as damaged and sick. Acceptance is the better way, but how do you practice acceptance of autism in a world where the very word can terrify parents?"

More Eye-Opening, Inspirational Movies about Health and Wellness

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The Human Experiment

In Organic We Trust

Mercury Undercover

The Immortalists

The Widowmaker by Patrick Forbes

Resistance by Michael Graziano

Healing the Mind: Ayurveda and Western Psychiatry

Rocks In My Pockets

Wait Till It's Free

David vs. Monsanto

Carb Loaded

May I Be Frank



Beauty and the Breast

Hot Flash Havoc a Menopause Movie

All of these inspirational movies about health and wellness give you new, amazing insights to how you can take better care of yourself and your loved ones, so I highly recommend you watch these movies according to your own interest.

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