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Hawaiian Healing Technique
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Countless people have had life-changing experiences with Hooponopono (or Ho'oponopono, pronounced ho-oh-po-no-po-no), which is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique. I first learned about it from Dr. Joe Vitale's and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's Zero Limits. This book tells the whole story.

Dr. Hew Len is a mental health therapist. He was working for the state hospital in Hawaii. The people he was working with were criminals, truly dangerous and violent, mentally ill people.

Earlier, the hospital kept losing staff; the doctors, nurses and therapists didn't want to work there anymore. Then they found this unusual therapist. He went there and practiced this Hawaiian healing technique called Hooponopono. This simple method of saying four specific phrases

"I'm sorry,
please forgive me,

thank you,
I love you."

while meditating on your problem and connecting with your idea of higher power is enough to start wiping out all "programs" that have been stopping your flow in the past.

As Dr. Hew Len practiced it, those patients started to get better. This sounds like an urban legend, right? But it worked. And the story gets even weirder, because he healed those patients without even talking to them directly. He didn't even see or meet them... What??

Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More

At Zero: The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" The Quest for Miracles Through Ho'oponopono

Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certification Course

How was Dr. Hew Len able to do that?

When the hospital hired him to come and work with those patients, they were desperate. They told Dr. Hew Len that he can do whatever he wants, but in order for them to get their funding, they just need a certified mental health practitioner working for the hospital. 

So, he made this agreement where he would sit in his office, and he would look at the patients' files. As he looked at their files, he practiced this Hawaiian healing technique on himself. As he practiced it on himself, these patients started to get better.

Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Dr. Hew Len was simply cleaning and clearing himself. He was using this method that he called Hooponopono. A Hawaiian mystery teacher had taught it to him, and he's been practicing it for decades now.

How does Hooponopono work?

We are creating everything in our lives. We are 100% responsible for everything and everybody that shows up in our lives, like it or not. No exceptions.

If you create your own reality, and a mentally ill person shows up in it, didn't you also create that person? Well, Dr. Hew Len took responsibility for everything that was showing up. And when these patients showed up in his life, because he was now working at that hospital, he had to take responsibility for them.

How did he actually do that?

He realized, because of the Law of Attraction, that deep inside of him, most likely unconsciously, there was a magnetic force that put him and them in a same place. They put them there for a reason, they put them together because of programming.

We're not even aware of that this programming is there. You may wonder sometimes things like "Why did this bad thing happen?" or "Why did this person show up in my life?"

Well, you did attract it, but you didn't do it consciously, any more than Dr. Hew Len consciously created those patients.

But unconsciously, there's a whole lot programming going on. That programming, inside of Dr. Hew Len, that co-created all of those patients showing up in his life, had to be cleaned and cleared. That programming, those limitations, those beliefs, that essence that was in his unconscious, that was causing all this to show up in his life, had to be washed, cleaned and cleared. The way he was doing it was with Hooponopono.

So, all he did with those mentally ill patients was clean and clear.

Interested in learning Ho'oponopono, using it for yourself and others?

What does it mean to clean and clear?

It's having a conversation inside of yourself with divinity, with God, with your higher power. It's simply saying these four phrases as a kind of mantra, as a kind of prayer:

"I'm sorry, please forgive me,
thank you, I love you."

How do those four phrases erase the programming that's in your unconscious mind that's attracting the experiences that you're getting?

The main objective of Hooponopono is getting to the state of zero, where we have zero limits. If you really want to move forward in your life, you need to clean up the old, negative beliefs and paradigms you have.

This method is an effective way to do it. All you do is silently, inside of yourself think of whatever is bothering you (another person, situation, problem, whatever...), and then consider your relationship to God, or whatever you call your higher power. And you speak inside of yourself those four phrases to your connection to spirit. You can say those phrases in whatever order you like.

"I'm sorry that I was asleep. I'm sorry that I was unconscious. I'm sorry that I wasn't aware of the programming, wherever it came from."

"Please forgive me, because I have been unaware, because I didn't know what the unconscious programming was inside of myself."

"Thank you." You start moving toward gratitude, you start to feel differently within yourself, and this new feeling is going to engage the Law of Attraction in a very positive way. You'll start to attract more of what you want in your life. You're saying "thank you" to divinity or to God for handling this issue for you, for erasing the problem.

"I love you." The essence of God and spirit is love. As soon as you say "I love you", you start moving in the direction of being one with divinity, with God. The closer you can feel love, the closer you'll have everything good as a permanent way of being in your life.

Dr. Hew Len says he's doing Hooponopono all the time. This self-talk is going on silently in his mind as a healing technique.

What can you heal with ho'oponopono?

You can heal anything.

If you're cleaning and clearing, there's no negativity in you. The other person is a mirror of you. The cleaner and clearer you can be within you, the cleaner and clearer the other person can be in his everyday reality. This is the basic Hooponopono technique.

Give it a try, and feel and see the difference in your life as you practise it.

I know personally some people who were very skeptic with this method. They said it seems so "easy" that it can't possibly work. But, as they started practising it, they started experiencing positive changes within a very short time. :-)

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