Your Gratitude Thoughts 
Can Make A Huge Difference

Your gratitude thoughts are very important, because being in a state of gratitude and happiness is the perfect way to use the Law of Attraction for your benefit. If you only want to do one thing to attract beautiful things into your life, be thankful and happy for anything you can. Yes, for anything.

Make a mental list of the things you're grateful for. Do it several times a day. You can do it when driving, for example. Or better yet, write down your gratitude thoughts on a piece of paper, or in your gratitude journal.

Appreciate "Little" Things

"Little" things count, too. Think of fresh, running water, for example. You may take it for granted in your everyday life, but when you're traveling someplace where you have to use bottled water and you depend on that, running water suddenly becomes a big thing for you, and you highly appreciate it. 

An attitude of gratitude is such an underestimated trait. If you want to stop dwelling on the negative, you must first be aware of the wonderful, positive aspects of your life, the things that are well already.

Can you think of some situations when you have failed to see the beauty of your life because of some temporary, minor problems?

Even if you feel that almost everything in your life is going wrong at times, I'm sure you can always find something that you can be thankful for.

Rhonda Byrne's book The Magic is all about gratitude. She takes you on an amazing 28-day journey in this book.

Joe Vitale once said that at one point in his life, the only thing he could feel grateful for was his pen. A pen? Yes, at least he could've written a suicide note with it. Or a book.

Everything in this world is energy, and energy always vibrates at a certain frequency. And because like vibrations tend to attract similar vibrations, you know that you always attract to you the state you're in.

If it's hard for you to feel grateful, try some other techniques to get rid of your negative emotions and to move on.

Attract More Good Things Through Constant Gratitude Thoughts

If you're continuously grateful for the things that you have received already, you're telling the universe that you want more of the same, right?

Gratitude thoughts

Thankfulness always creates positive energy and positive vibrations.

Your thoughts and feelings of gratitude help you attract anything you desire as much as they help prolong this positive cycle of attraction.

If you're feeling very bad some day, and you complain about things, that day everything bad is happening. You may have heard the old saying:

"When it rains, it pours."

Well, the same applies to joy, too. If you're feeling grateful and happy, good things happen to you, and there's another saying:

"Nothing succeeds like success."

While it's true that using the Law of Attraction helps you magnetize the right people, circumstances, and events you need to manifest your desires, you are still the creator of your own life.

If you can accept that your thoughts and feelings create your reality, expressing gratitude in any way can only create positive things in your life, right?

Gratitude thoughts are an essential part of the Law of Increase. Then you keep receiving what you have asked for. 

Because happiness is the root cause of all success, it's important to learn how to be happy now.

The Downside of Dwelling on the Negative

Of course, nobody can feel grateful and happy all the time. We all have our bad days and moments. Yes, even the most enlightened ones among us!

But if you dwell on negative things too long, you start sending out a negative frequency. That's a signal to the universe that you don't want to receive anything good anymore.

So whenever you catch yourself focusing on bad things:

  • Recognise the situation.

  • Retrain your focus back to positive things through gratitude.

  •  Keep practising. Over time, it will become easier and easier.

Rhonda Byrne, the creator of The Secret, says that if you only do one thing with the Law of Attraction, make sure you always have gratitude thoughts! This is because gratitude is such a powerfully good feeling, and good feelings attract more good things into your life.

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