From Helpless To Happy

by Alex
(New york)

Growing up with a extremely messy divorced family, I had to support myself with large sums of money that were impossible for a girl at my young age to make in any legal manner. I worked three jobs and still struggled to pay for simple necessities. I felt the money just would not come no matter how hard I tried. This went on for years. Even when I first looked into the law of attraction. I was helpless. I got a new job bartending, and got super hopeful for what was to come. I was making income, but not enough. Reading up on the law of attraction, people always stress how important it is to have a non-desperate mind set while trying to manifest. They said "don't NEED money, don't rely on it, just believe it is yours and it will come to you." No matter how much I thought that, and tried to believe it, my unconscious mind likely thought it was unrealistic. Because I really couldn't manifest the amount of money I needed. I was manifesting small things here and there like relationships, which were proving to me that the LOA really did work for me. Then, one day, I sat down and calculated how much income I would make at the end of this year, and realized it would be almost enough to lease a car. When I realized this, a weight was lifted off my shoulder. I never thought i would manifest my ultimate want, a car. But here I thought i was working for it. However when I realized it was possible, and not out of my reach, my manifestation block, and limits were lifted. Two days later, a relative called me and told me that since my siblings and I were working so hard, they would take care of the car situation for

us. Never had I ever thought this would be possible. This really wasn't. But once i believed I had a car in my future, it came in an unexpected way. Which is crazy because all of the LOA articles state that you never know HOW your manifestations come, but they WILL. I expected it to come through my hard work and all nighters trying to earn money. Instead, it came even EASIER once i had believed it was possible. But wait, it gets crazier. After I realized I had a car in my future, I realized I was working for fun, not because i HAD to. So now, money was a lot less of a worry for me. I knew the main item in my life I had to spend money on, was being taken care of. THE FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE SHOCKING. Right away, once I believed money was a stable factor in my life, it flooded in my life like a tidal wave. ALSO not in the way you would expect it to! I actually had made many less tips at work than I should have, while working more hours. But when I got home, I had learned that I had gotten a gift from family members from over the years of about 20,000 dollars, and it was being signed over to my name. The day after I heard this incredible news, I had found an 100 dollar bill in an old wallet of mine and found a bucket filled with change in it. For someone who had to work three jobs and still couldn't afford bare necessities for so many years this is such an eye opener for me. Money was always so impossible to manifest until my blocks were lifted. I can't wait to master the law of attraction and attract what I want out of life.

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