Deliberate Attraction -
5 Simple Steps To Manifesting Your Desires

There are five basic simple steps to deliberate attraction of the things you want in your life.

1. Know What You Don't Want.

What you're mostly complaining about? Recognizing those negative things is a good thing. This way you become aware of what you don't want in your life anymore, and you can turn the whole thing around.

Know what you don't want.

Most of us have some kind of negativity in our lives, such as "I'm tired of this and that...". Many are leading lives of quiet desperation: They go to jobs they hate, they're gossiping, they're watching and listening to negative news, so they get brainwashed by the media. To protect yourself from excess negativity, turn off the news, and be very selective about what you watch on TV.

So, realize what you are focused on in a negative way. This first step leads you to deliberate attraction, it leads you to where you want to go.

2. Know What You Do Want.

State your intention. Declare what you want. What do you really, truly want?

What makes your heart sing? What drives you? What is your burning desire?

Burning desire

Follow your passion. Follow your bliss.

Turn the step #1 around 180 degrees. Then you're aligning the forces within yourself, your body and your mind.

Say what you want. When you state your intent, you start the deliberate attraction and manifestation process.

Use this exercise to define your dreams for attracting the things you want in your life.

Some people say that they don't know what they want. Well, many Law of Attraction teachers say that they're lying to themselves, because on some level you do know, but you may be afraid to admit it to yourself. This may be because of the fear of failure or fear of success.

Many people have learned valuable things about failure, so it's one of the greatest learning experiences. Many great achievers have learned a whole lot more from their failures than from their successes. Failure is feedback, and it leads you to a new, exciting direction.

On the other hand, you may have fear of success, because you're not comfortable being successful. It's outside of your comfort zone. Some people don't feel comfortable being more successful than their parents. Then realize that most likely your parents want the best for you. Besides, you can help your loved ones and other people better if you're doing well yourself.

Think of all the reasons WHY you want what you want, because you have to have the drive to do it. Pain is a motivator, but it won't keep you doing it. Pain goes away over time, so follow your passion. The desire comes from your inner spirit. What would you like to be, do and have? What would be even better than that?

Write down the most powerful intention you can think of.

Rewrite your goal, as if it's already happened, such as: "I have the most perfect relationship I can think of." or "I am at my ideal weight now." Then add "This or something better."

If writing just isn't your thing, make a visualization board. Or create your own personalized mind movies easily!

3. For Deliberate Attraction, Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs.

Focus on what you want. Are you experiencing doubts about how you will manifest your desires and achieve your goals? Are you feeling fear, frustration, anger, hesitation...?

If you are, you may have inner blocks, limiting, negative beliefs. If you experience anything negative, it's a sign that you're not clear. This means that those unconscious blocks, beliefs and limitations have to be removed, otherwise the deliberate attraction process won't work for you.

Unlock your mind.

Examples of harmful, false beliefs:

  • "I'm not good enough to be loved."

  • "I don't deserve the things I want."

  • "If it hasn't happened yet, it never will."

  • "Better stop wanting. If you get your hopes up, you'll get hurt."

  • "If I fail, I should feel bad for a long time and be really scared to try again."

  • "I must work very hard for the money I earn."

  • "I have a bad back, because my Mom had a bad back."

There are limiting beliefs in every area; relationships, health, finances. For example, if you notice that you hate something about somebody else, you have some beliefs within yourself that you're projecting onto others.

One way to discover the beliefs within you in any area is to see how you feel about people that are already successful in those areas.

Let's take a successful salesperson as an example: Do you think he's selling or serving?

Your beliefs create your reality. Your beliefs are located in your subconscious mind, and if they're negative, they need to be erased.

If you doubt or hesitate about your dreams and goals, know that there are powerful techniques for getting rid of your inner limitations.

If you have no limiting beliefs, great! Then you find it easy to go ahead with deliberate attraction and achieve your goals.

If you can say without a doubt that "I know what I want is on its way to me, it just hasn't arrived yet.", then you're clear. Congratulations! :-)

"If you don't know you can't, you can. If you don't know you can, you can't."

- Gene Landrum, The Superman Syndrome

4. Visualize Your Dreams.

Imagine the end result of your desire, and do it with a great feeling. When you add feeling to something you've already imagining in your mind, you accelerate the deliberate attraction and manifestation process. You "succelerate" it.

It doesn't matter what you're after. Whether your goal is to find a great relationship with someone special or make $500.000 a year, imagine what it feels like when you've already achieved your goal.

When you visualize something, you start to make it happen and bring it to you. You start to engage the Law of Attraction. Your mind responds to your feelings and pictures. When you visualize, you're sending that signal into your mind, which is using the Law of Attraction all the time.

Learn about creative visualization and get excited about your dreams by watching a truly inspiring, beautiful video.

Your mind will go to work on finding the answer for the question HOW you're going to do it. You start taking inspired action.

Learn about this powerful yet simple tool called Mind Movies to make your deliberate attraction process faster and more fun.

Feel grateful for the things you want. Be happy for those things already. This way you send out a signal to attract more things to be grateful for.

"Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled."
- Neville Goddard

5. Attract the Things You Desire by Letting Go of Them.

You can be, do and have anything you want, as long as you don't need it. When you want something too desperately, you send out a vibration that's bringing in more desperation. You have to think that you want something, that is your dream or goal, but you're just fine if you don't get it. You're at peace anyway. You're happy and grateful now, no matter what.

It doesn't mean that you shouldn't want something. It means that you shouldn't be attached to the end result. You're not gonna die if you don't get it. You should want something with a playful attitude, having fun in the deliberate attraction and manifestation process.


What we humans ultimately want is to be happy, right?

If you think you'll be happy as soon as you get a better car, the next increase in pay or anything, pause right there. You'll never be happy that way. 

Be happy now.

You see, the things you want to attract into your life represent happiness to you in a way or another. You get them, enjoy them for a moment, and soon you start wanting something else that you think you'll be happier with.

Deliberate attraction and manifestation process involves you opening yourself to receiving the desired outcome. The great irony is that what you ultimately want, you can have right now.

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