Creative Visualization
Tips And Techniques

Use your creative visualization power to manifest the life of your dreams. Here are some great visualization techniques and useful visualization tips.

Your imagination is likely the most powerful Law of Attraction tool to manifest anything you want; health, wealth, happiness, great relationships, or just about anything. 

Traveling to beautiful places like Crete

It's like painting vivid pictures of your desires in your mind. You can feel, smell and hear the things you desire.

And the best part is that you are the star in this mind movie

Get excited about your dreams. Think about your dream life. And feel it.

How to create your own mind movie

Two Ways to Use Your Imagination

If you worry about something, then you're creating more of those negative things that you don't want in your life.

This is because you automatically start imagining things getting even worse, so you become more worried and attract more bad things into your life. Whenever you catch yourself visualizing bad things, stop that movie right away.

Instead, always imagine only positive things happening. Then you are well on your way towards the things that you want to appear in your reality.

Visualize to materialize. You have to see it in your mind's eye before you can achieve it.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

- Helen Keller

Everybody's capable of visualizing moving pictures. For example, think of your home and yourself going to the kitchen and starting to cook. It's easy to imagine that, right?

In the same way, you can imagine situations that you want to happen in the future. And, act as if all that's happened already. Feel those wonderful things with all of your senses. The feeling part is essential.

However, it's very important that you visualize only when you're feeling good. If negative things keep popping in, stop. You should never force it. Then try again later.

It's always better to visualize a few minutes with a great feeling than trying to force it for 30 minutes. It's the quality of your creative visualization that counts, not the quantity.

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Do this powerful visualisation exercise and apply it to your own life.

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