i was born in a middle class family. my father and mother were teachers. i have two sisters. All of us got good education. i have completed my master degree. we lived a happy family. after completion i got job in information technology center. at that time i met remesh. he was handsome and came from a high family. our relationship had grown and we planed to marry. after the marriage, every thing had gone perfectly for one year. one day a police van came and stopped in front of our villa. the police officer asked about ramesh. i told them that he was out of station for his work. i asked why they were asking to remash. they told that he was a criminal and made a big financial malpractice to the government and they had a warrant to arrest him. i was shocked and fell down.

the police arrested him and the trial had run and found him guilt and he is in jail now.

after this incident, i felt into depression.i felt blue. i was not interested to go out of my home and not interested see anybody. i started to take pills and started drinks. my life completely spoiled one day my friend visited to my home. she saw my state, my feelings. i told her that i want to die. my life is hopeless. i am not interested to continue this type of life. she advised me a lot and told that go to the meditation camp run by Sri Sri Ravishanker. she take me from my home in her vehicle and we went the camp. the first day---i can't forget it from my balance is the beginning of my second life... now i am an active member of the center. now i am enjoying the life being alone... now i am seeing the green of the i can see the blue color of the see.. now i can smile... now i can see the beauty of the life.

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