The One Command®
by Asara Lovejoy -
Command Your Good

The One Command®, created by Asara Lovejoy, is a six-step process that allows you to tap into a greater intelligence that is yours, and at the same time activate innate abilities that manifest and create new realities for you. Realities of happiness, joy, and compassion. It takes the principles from the Law of Attraction and The Secret to a new level by reprogramming your DNA strands for unbelievable results.

There is a brain state of the successful that you activate while practising The One Command®.

It's the theta state.

As you enter that state of mind, you change your thinking, your DNA, your emotions, and your ability to create the life of your dreams.

The 6-Step Process

Asara Lovejoy'sThe One Command® is a simple process for manifesting anything you desire.

It starts with identifying what you don’t want, then identifying what you do want instead, and commanding for your new choice. It can be used in all areas of your life, including:

- Instantly stop your negative thoughts.

- Activate your DNA for wealth, health and happiness.

- Release the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you struggling. 

- Create and manifest your dreams.

The Basic Steps:

1. Ground.

2. Align.

3. Go to theta (eyes closed and rolled up).

4. State the one command of your choice (mentally and silently).

"I don't know how I [fill in the blank], I only know that I am/I do/I have now, and I am fulfilled!"

5. Expand.

6. Receive your good with gratitude.

"Thank you! It is done! It is so!"

The One Command® Has Three Parts: 

The first part stops your old way of negative or fearful thinking. Release what you might think is "impossible". 

The second part puts your mind into a state of pause where you connect to the greater capacity within you, your theta mind.

The third part thrusts your dreams into the universe in their new form as you unwind and rewind the new reality onto your DNA and your subconscious hard drive.

My eyes were aching as I first started practicing this process. However, it goes away pretty soon when your eyes get used to it. It's the same way with any muscles that you're not used to using, so it's not dangerous.

If you're willing to set aside your notions of what you think you know, and you're open to taking an incredible new adventure, then The One Command® can change your life forever.

You will meet yourself in an extraordinary way that creates a new sense of who you are and what is possible at every level of your experience.

You can do this process lying, sitting or standing, but not when driving.

You only need to do the command once. Once the change is made on the DNA level, it’s made.

What you can do every day is visualize the end result of your command and experience that result.

Why command for the same thing over and over again and be waiting when you can be moving forward all the time towards that what you commanded for?

Instead, command for something else that you want to change in your life...

Benefits of Going to the Theta State

The theta brainwave operates as your unconscious storage bin. It's very slow, and it operates only in the now. No past or future, so no worries!

It solves millions of problems and finds solutions that you can never find with your logical beta mind, that is your thinking mind.

The theta brainwave also pops out new creative ideas.

You Have an Unlimited Power Within

Asara Lovejoy, creator of The One Command® process, states that we all have the capacity within ourselves to change our lives.

“That capacity is found within unused portions of your brain that you activate through a simple 6-step process that teaches you to lower your brain waves to theta. This ability has always existed, but until recently, only those few who have dedicated years of their lives to the process have been able to go consciously into the theta state while awake. Theta is naturally found to be most active while we are asleep. The benefits of consciously going in and out of theta are numerous.”

Asara Lovejoy and Kathryn Perry - 
the Women behind The One Command®

Asara Lovejoy is an educator, best selling author, success coach, and creator of many successful products. She's been studying the power of the mind for years. 

She discovered that the ability to attract wealth and opportunity is not what most people need to learn to achieve wealth and success. What is most important is your ability to ask for, receive, allow and even see miracles that will take you light years beyond where you can go with will power and hard work alone.

We all know that people are capable of achieving amazing things. Just think of all the technological advancements that exist in today's world: 

They're all the results of our incredible power of the mind.

Asara has developed this outstanding technique to clear your programming around money, relationships, and worthiness to receive and empower you to make your dreams come true, in all areas of your life.

Asara Lovejoy's mission is to make a difference in the world by sharing this most up-to-date and unusual approach to personal growth and self development on our planet today.

Kathryn Perry is the co-founder of The One Command® programs worldwide. She's been on the healing path for decades. For a long time, she was Asara's partner in bringing and the Commanding Wealth® seminars to the world.

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