The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks in a non-physical existence that has paved its fame through the works of Esther Hicks and her late husband Jerry Hicks. They channeled themselves to the society by the name Abraham. The teachings of Abraham contain the essentials of the Law of Attraction, and they have been widely accepted as guidance in many aspects of life.

 One of the works of Jerry and Esther Hicks is about ending a relationship. Here’s the concept of Abraham when it comes to leaving your loved one.

Abraham Hicks' Teachings about Romantic Relationships and Break-up

You often ask why it requires shedding tears when you are being left by your loved one. What makes breaking up difficult is that you think that the person who you want to be with will no longer be by your side. Sometimes the pain of a break-up is more on the victim, that is the one who is being left behind in the relationship.

Abraham believes that the one who is being left behind implants the mentality that they are inappropriate for the one who left them. This is true to many lovers. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will not break up with you if you have been good enough, probably if you always can satisfy him/her, or you have the ability to make him/her special every day. In short, your boyfriend/girlfriend might have left you because your credit cards run out of balance or you have a new contact in your phone. This makes you inappropriate in a way, causing your partner to leave you.

Abraham points out that you can build a good relationship with your partner if both of you are focused on the future and not going back to the past. The essence of the past has no significance in your present commitments, and you can live happily ever after if you let change prevail in your relationship as long as it doesn't mind the past and the feelings of both of you are not seriously hurt.

However, all lovers don't like the concept of change. What does this mean? Yes, you're right when you say that changes can lead to something negative or nothing at all. Well, that’s the point of Abraham Hicks. Do you think that you can always reach the end of the hallway when you walk? The answer is not always yes, because you might slip along the way or something might bump against your head. That’s the thing Abraham wants you to figure out when getting in a relationship with someone.

If you feel that your partner is already writing the break-up note, don’t be disheartened. It’s normal that you can't please everybody, and you don't have to. Don’t give him/her the satisfaction of watching you become stagnant. Instead, make him/her feel that breaking up with you cannot disturb your inner peace and happiness. You can be happy, no matter what. No one else can really make you happy, because it's an inside job.

The teachings of Abraham can be very different from what you've learned so far, but if you are going to study the roots of Jerry and Esther Hicks' work, you’ll end up being amazed. Instead of keep crying when your lover leaves you, it might be a good idea to look for Abraham Hicks' guidance on how to move on with your life.

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