The Secret To Teen Power
by Paul Harrington

The Secret to Teen Power is a book written by Paul Harrington, who is a team member in Rhonda Byrne's The Secret. This book has caused quite a stir since its release. The message behind the written words of Paul Harrington are designed to inspire teenagers and encourage them to live extraordinary lives that are filled with much more than the mundane.

The inspiration that Paul shares in this book is meant to give teens the ability to unlock their full potential. 

I've read this book together with my eldest daughter, and she's read it by herself afterwards.

These are not exactly the kind of things you learn at school, even though they should absolutely be taught at school.

My daughter was definitely in for an enlightening experience. She had heard of the Law of Attraction before, so this concept wasn't totally new to her, but she did learn a lot of new things. However, for those teens who have never heard of LoA, this book might change the way how they perceive the world.

Even though this book is written for teens, you can apply the lessons to all aspects of your adult life, too.

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What Does The Secret to Teen Power Offer?

This book offers relevant teen topics in a new light. It delves deep into the Law of Attraction and how this plays an essential role in the thought process of teens.

I found that through reading this book with my daughter I was able to get a better gauge on common teen issues including relationships, schoolwork and even self-image.

There are tons of amazing Law of Attraction books and other books on personal growth for adults that teach how to achieve success, but this book speaks to the dreams and goals of teens. The Secret to Teen Power is a must-read book that inspires teens to take control of their own destiny. Just because they're still young doesn't mean that they can’t find their own power and strength.

Taking Control of Your Young Life

If you are a teen going through a difficult time in your young life, this book might give you advice that helps you overcome your current challenges. The insight is pretty amazing and allows you not only to understand yourself better, but also those that are around you.

I also encourage you to read the first book in The Secret book series, that is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It addresses the same issues, but Paul Harrington’s version is simply more applicable to teens, so read it first.

The Secret to Teen Power inspires you to take control of your life and decide the type of energy that you want to surround yourself with and spread on others. Teens should indeed read this inspirational book that is filled with wisdom and pointers that can be life-changing at any age.

Another book that is closely related...

However, at this point I absolutely have to mention another wonderful, colorful, very practical, and easy-to-understand book - My Mom Is Not My Money - that is written for teens by a 14-year-old teen...! 

The author, Allie Joy, is the granddaughter of a very well-known life coach Mary Morrissey, so she had certain advantages when writing this book, which literally teaches teens to make their own money.

Highly recommended! :-)

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