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The Magic Of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big is a must-read classic, if you are looking for every-day tips on how to succeed in life. It's full of real-life examples that you can apply to your own life right away.

This classic book is one of the most practical and down-to-earth inspirational books I've ever read. 

It offers plenty of valuable information on how to live big and succeed in whatever you do.

Many of the examples throughout the book are related to sales, salesmen and sales executives, and this may be a bit boring if you're not interested in sales. But, I'd still say that absolutely everyone, including you, can benefit from this book.

What Is The Magic of Thinking Big All About?

The author of The Magic of Thinking Big, Dr. David J. Schwartz, gives you a deep insight into how humans behave. He also presents a planned program for living to your fullest potential in all areas of your life; your job or business, family and social life.

The leading thought of The Magic of Thinking Big is that success in life is determined by the size of one's thinking, not by the size of one's brain.

We are all products of our environment and the thinking around us, and sadly, much of this thinking is little.

But the good news is that you have all the power within you to inluence your own thinking and behavior, and thus succeed in life. The author proves to you in so many ways that it always, absolutely always, pays off to tune in the "positive channel".

Of course, this is what all Law of Attraction books out there teach you. The Magic of Thinking Big proves that you can lead a successful life and do whatever you want when you believe you can. With the right attitude you will always find ways how to do it.

You need to cure yourself from different forms of "excusitis", which is a mind-deadening thought disease.

The different forms of this failure disease may relate to your thoughts about your health, intelligence, age, or luck, for example. The author shows you how differently Mr. Success and Mr. Mediocre think about the same things that happen to them. Their reactions are also very different from each other.

Different forms of fear are real. If you are afraid of something, you have to recognize it. Fear, lack of self-confidence, is also your worst success enemy, because it causes all kinds of difficulties. Fortunately, there are ways to conquer it, and The Magic of Thinking Big, suggests many useful ways for you to build your confidence.

You have to decide to take corrective action. There is always something you can do to make your fear go away. For example, if you fear other people, you need to put them in proper perspective and understand that another person is just another human being, much like yourself. Generally, inaction and postponement only strengthen fear, whereas prompt action always cures it.

How You Can Train Yourself to Enlarge Your Thinking to Succeed in Life

In general, self-deprecation, that is, selling oneself short, may be the biggest human weakness. For example, you may think that you're not good enough for some job, so you won't do anything to get it. When you evaluate yourself, you may only think about your shortcomings. It's good to know them, too, so you know in which areas you can improve.

However, it's very important to examine your assets closely. Then you realize that you're actually much bigger than you now may think!

This book shows you actual steps how you can really see your strengths.

And as we humans think only in pictures and images, not in words or phrases, you get a lot of concrete examples on how you can create big, positive and forward-looking images in your mind and thus become a big thinker.

You grow big by thinking big!

To think creatively, you need to believe that it can be done, whatever this "it" is. Believing in the idea, your mind finds the way to the solution. Be open to new ideas and approaches. Get ideas also from people of different interests. There is no limit to self-development, you can always do better and more. Ask questions and listen. And listen more than you talk.

Think like important people think. Look important, because your prosperous appearance lifts your spirits and builds your confidence. Ask yourself whether an important person would think or do the way you think or do. Then act accordingly.

Also, make your environment work for you. That is, for example, never let small-thinking people make you think defeat, and accept advice only from successful people. 

You are a first-class person, yes, you are! :-) Remind yourself of that and let it show in your attitude in everything you say or do. Be enthusiastic, and life up everything about you, your smile, the way you walk... Be likeable and corteous. Make other people feel important, and show appreciation whenever you can. Always put service first. Give people more than they expect to get and support them.

Be an "activationist", a doer, and get yourself doing things now, at this very moment. Not tomorrow or later, but now. And when you face setbacks, discouragements and other disappointing situations (and you will at times), it's your attitude that counts. Blaming never takes you where you want to go, so don't let yourself be defeated. Success in life comes to you when you realize that there's a good side in everything, and you learn from your mistakes.

It's also very important that you have goals. Goals are dreams that you act upon. So get a clear vision on where you want to go in your life, and then achieve your goals, one step at a time. The Magic of Thinking Big guides you how you can write out your plan for the next 10 years or build 30-day goals. It shows you in an easy-to-understand way how you can put all the essential success principles to work for you.

Now you understand that the magic of thinking big lies within you, so it's there for you to use, anytime and anywhere you want.

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