The Love of my Life. . .

by Lisa

Some where in the back of my mind I just always knew there was someone very special waiting to meet me, and my three children. In fact sixteen years ago post delivery of my first son the Doctor came in to the recovery room to perform a tubal ligation, yet I stopped her; I told her that I was not having the procedure done, and when she questioned my reasoning I politely replied, "One day when I meet the love of my life I want to be able to have more children". I'm sure she must have thought I was insane; after all, I was lying there with a gaping uterus, and a gorgeous baby boy in an incubator.

A little over twelve years ago I decided my life was going no where so I packed up everything worth keeping, and the kids and I moved ten hours away to a whole other state; one that was totally foreign to us, yet it became home sweet home in the blink of an eye. I was finally able to breathe, and it was wonderful. After our first year we moved from a small apartment to a beautiful home, and life was sweet.

Eventually the loneliness crept back in as I was left with no one but my children to talk to being that all of our family was ten hours away. I began to spend a lot of time on the computer in chat rooms. I made plenty of chat buddies, and even went so far as calling a few of them. My life just felt very incomplete without a partner to share it with. My children are everything to me, and we made some wonderful memories together and still do. It wasn't till I'd completely given up, or was it that I'd finally excepted the fact that I could not push what I always knew would eventually come, that I'd found an inner peace. I decided to release the stress, and just take life one day at a time as I mentally prepared my self for a beautiful relationship with a man I hadn't met yet.

One night after a long hiatus from the chat rooms I began to feel curiously drawn to log on; with all the kids sound asleep I entered into cyber space. Just moments after I'd logged on so did he. We have been married for eleven years, and together have given birth to three beautiful children with the youngest being my second son. He is our precious miracle baby that was needed to keep the surname alive as there hasn't been a boy born in my husbands family in over forty years. This whole situation had taken place through the positive energy I created through the law of attraction.

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