Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are definitive statements that something is so. They're self-fulfilling prophecies. Creating your personal, positive statements is a good way to declare and affirm a belief you have and a vision you hold. It's a good way to rewire your patterns in your brain.

Affirmations are not just plain statements or expressions of your desires.

They can really create your beliefs and form your habits.

When you create specific and clear positive affirmations about yourself and your desires with a great feeling, the universe responds with precision, giving you all you need to manifest what you desire.

Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world, your internal programming. If you're familiar with the Law of Attraction at all, you already know that "you become what you think about most".

It's useful to have 2-3 different affirmations for every area of your life: work, career, finances, relationships, health... 

Examples from Louise Hay's affirmation toolkit:

"I love myself, therefore I attract loving people into my life." 

"I feel the vibrant wellness in my body increase every day."

"I work at a job I truly love."

Learn more about the power of positive affirmations from Louise Hay and her teachings in You Can Heal Your Life.

How to Make Affirmations Work for You

First, write down your desires. Then do these steps:

1. State your goal out loud in the present tense ("I am... I now have..."). Look in your own eyes standing in front of the mirror. Words do matter, because if you say negative things about yourself, there's often strong emotion behind those words. 

So, how's your self-talk? 

2. Put strong emotional power behind your affirmation, because the universe doesn't respond to your words, it responds to your vibration. Your emotions indicate what your vibration is.

3. Take inspired action to support that affirmation.

4. See how your affirmations start to manifest themselves.

Repeat this process daily. Because repetition is the mother of learning, you need to affirm until the goal is surpassed. Have fun in the process!

Hard Time Believing in Your Affirmations?

Naturally, when you first start affirming, your old, negative, limiting beliefs might fire up. You may feel that you're lying to yourself. And that's ok.

But if you practice enough, you will be able to reprogram your mind for your desired success and change the hard-wiring in your brain.

Every time you read or listen to your positive affirmations, they become a stronger force in your life and you will start manifesting what you desire. You will develop the right neural networks associated with your new affirmations. 

So, be patient with yourself, because it usually takes about 30 days to reprogram your mind. Over time, you will believe that your affirmations are true in your current reality. It's like an actor who believes the role he's playing, because he's been rehearsing it so many times. It works the same way with affirmations. 

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations have enormous power. For example, the founder of Hay House, Louise Hay, and many others have used these positive statements in their lives to experience miracle healings, even ridding their bodies of cancer without any medical help!

Affirmations are even magnified when you're asleep, because the ego is asleep. This means that your logical, thinking mind (conscious mind) is resting, and you have a perfect opportunity to reprogram your future.

So, start defining your personal affirmations. Write them down now.

Happy practicing!

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