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If you don't yet know who Natalie Ledwell is and what she has to do with the Law of Attraction, keep reading. Whilst Rhonda Byrne was one of the first people to introduce the Law of Attraction to the masses, it is Natalie Ledwell, also an Australian LoA expert, who helped to pioneer its spread online. 

It all started with the Mind Movies...

As you may know, it all started with the Mind Movieswhich this brilliant lady founded together with her business partner Ryan Higgins, and her husband Glen Ledwell is also involved.

It is a simple, an easy-to-use tool if you wish to visualize your dreams by making personalized Law of Attraction videos as opposed to churning through a lot of LoA books or making regular vision boards. Natalie’s unique approach has taken the Law of Attraction techniques further than ever before.

I'm not going to go into basics of the Law of Attraction right now. I'm sure you are well and truly clued up about them. What I do want to mention is the great work that Natalie has carried out when it comes to this concept.

At the moment, a lot of Natalie Ledwell’s focus is still on Mind Movies. It currently serves over 1.1 million people who wish to practice the Law of Attraction, and I think this is a lot of people...! The Mind Movies tool is so popular simply because it allows you to visualize your dreams by making personalized mind movies, that is your personal Law of Attraction videos. And you can create as many videos as you want!

For example, you can make specific videos for attracting good health, wealth, your perfect partner, your dream career or anything else. You can then watch these videos every day and they will provide you with assistance in attracting these things into your real life. Along the way, you get plenty of help from Natalie Ledwell.

She gives you a lot of FREE, unique LoA training about success and the importance of your subconscious beliefs. I highly recommend that you check them out. You have only to gain.

Have you read Natalie Ledwell's amazing book yet?

If you haven't read Natalie's book Never In Your Wildest Dreams, then I suggest that you check it out. It's brilliant! This fantastic book is basically a story. It goes beyond this though. This book goes into a great deal of depth about what you need to do each and every day if you wish to practice the Law of Attraction.

And it's not just another Law of Attraction book. Each chapter includes a free bonus video with Natalie where she explains the teachings of each chapter. You also get other valuable bonuses, such as her Law of Attraction 101 course.

Sure, it has yet to achieve the success of a couple of other books on the market, but it is getting there and people really do seem to be singing its praises.

The Inspiration Show is truly inspirational...

If you regularly research the Law of Attraction online, you will most likely recognize Natalie Ledwell from her online TV Show. This is called The Inspiration Show (because it really is!). The show is completely free to watch so you have absolutely no excuse not to watch it at all if you want to get inspired and uplifted.

In The Inspiration Show she regularly carries out interviews and provides a variety of pieces of information about new developments in the world of the Law of Attraction.

She even provides tools that allow those that wish to help each other to get in touch. So it's a must-watch for anybody who wishes to change their life for the better.

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