Miracle 17

by Sambit

I was from a poor family. We could barely live our life. One of the friends of my father was an officer in army. Whenever he used to come on vacation he used to give us treats in hotels. The life and the style used to attract me. I once as a kid asked him can he guide me to join army as an officer. He replied you can never become one as you belong to a rural area and you do not have it in you. I used to wonder what is wrong with me.

When I went to college I applied for Army officer. I got through written part and I received the interview call. During that time my uncle had come. I went to him delighted and told him I will be appearing for interview. He replied do not go you will fail. I was disappointed as I thought he will guide me for the interview. That night I thought and then decided whether I fail or pass I will appear. Everyone in my family were looking unto me as they all knew once I am in Army as an officer the fortune of this family will change.

I went ahead. I did railway ticket reservation at railway counter and as I was coming out an old man approached me and said "Dear you have 17 as last two numbers in ticket number and this 17 number will see you through." The old man smiled and within few seconds he was gone. I did not know what to do and I looked at the ticket number and to my surprise it had 17 as last two numbers. But how is it possible that the old man knew it, I asked to myself because that old man had never seen the ticket. I searched for that man but he was gone.

After a few days I went for interview. After reaching the town of Interview I boarded a bus for the interview place. I paid and got the ticket. While the bus was moving towards destination I thought about that old man. Then I just looked at my bus ticket and I stood up from my seat. I remember that feeling and the number on that ticket till today. It was 1717. Then I reached the place. In the interview everyone are assigned a chest number and to my surprise my chest number was 17. When I saw it I almost knew I am making it and the fortune of my family will change.

In fact I was selected. Now I am a senior officer in Army. My brother is a doctor and now we as family are well off. Thanks to number 17 and that old man. As I grow old I have a firm belief that the old man was The God himself and I had the opportunity to hear God. May be had he not spoken to me and not provided the miracle number 17 I would not have been what I am and I would have been what my uncle felt about me. I owe you god my whole life and I assure you I will inspire many in time to come to achieve new heights.

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Miracle 17
by: Amit

I liked it and like the way No 17 has worked. I have seen such cases with others also where a faith has done miracles. Thanks for this good article.

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