The Law Of Sacrifice:
You Have to "Sacrifice" Something to Get Something Else

The Law of Sacrifice states that everything in life has its own price. We have to purchase it at the price it demands. Day after day we go up to life’s counter and say, “I will give you this if you will give me that.” And what we get in return is well worth the price.

No matter what you desire in life, you always have to give away something in order to get what you desire. And, it's always better if you are willing to pay the price, because you know that the something you desire is well worth the price and more. You gain much more than what you give away.

You can give away your valuable time, money, or effort, for example.

The Law of Sacrifice Requires You to "Pay" for the Things You Get.

If you try to take shortcuts and are not willing to pay for getting that what you desire, you will suffer consequences in a way or another.

Let's take lottery winners as an example. They receive a lot of money without any effort. They disobey the Law of Sacrifice, because they receive something without properly paying for it. This creates debt for the universe.

You must've heard that the consequence is often that lottery winners lose all that money (and more) after a few years, and they're unhappier than ever before.

But you can also name some very rich people, self-made millionaires and billionaires, right?

Their wealth is most likely not acquired by luck. There's often a lot of hard work behind the luxurious lifestyle.

However, "hard work" is often a lot of fun for them, it's part of their lifestyle, it's their passion. I think Sir Richard Branson is an excellent example of such a person.

Freedom Is in Being Able to Control Your Life and in Making It What You Want It to Be.

If you wish to become a skilled athlete, an extraordinary teacher, or an expert in any area, the beginning of such success is first the desire for discipline of your time and thought. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, the rule is exactly the same.

You need to be disciplined and have self-control before you can achieve mastery in the things you desire and that make your life worth living. 

The Law of Sacrifice explains why people often feel stuck in their current circumstances, even though they'd like to be wealthier, healthier and more successful.

The reason for this is that they unconsciously know that they wouldn't be willing to sacrifice what they now have in order to receive something else, regardless of the fact that this something else would certainly be something better.

Being angry, jealous, or blaming others never helps anyone. It just proves that many people aren't ready to sacrifice what it takes for them to change their lives. They don't want to accept that it always requires time and effort to change.

However, according to the Law of Sacrifice, the price you pay for transforming your life for the better is less than what you eventually gain.

As soon as you accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life, you take inspired action, and you take the time necessary to achieve your goals. 

Because of the negative influence of the media and your possible limiting beliefs, it's easy to believe that everything is out of your control. Now you know that's not the case. It's only how we're led to believe.

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