Learn How To Meditate

What is meditation, and what is it used for? Want to learn how to meditate?

What Meditation Is and What It Does for You

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Meditation is a practice of being present in the now by focusing your attention in specific ways for a period of time. As you meditate, you learn to observe where your attention is located.

Meditation trains your brain to focus on exactly what you want to have in your life while creating new neural networks to match your vision of your ideal life.

The Law of Attraction teaches that you attract and align to a reality that matches your most focused thoughts and feelings. 

Through meditation, you can develop your skills so that you can control your ruling thoughts and feelings. Humans have 60,000+ thoughts a day, so it's impossible to control all of them, and there's no need to.

When you practice and learn more about meditation, it becomes easier for you over time to bring yourself into the present moment.

You see, your mind has a way of running wild, jumping from one subject to another with no pattern or design. By learning how to meditate, you can get in the habit of bringing your attention back to the present moment and see things as they truly are.

So, Where's Your Mind When It Isn’t in the Now?

The past. You may feel nostalgic, or you may regret things that have happened in your past.

The future. You may feel hopeful or fearful about how your life will be in the future.

Judgements of others. You may focus on the negative or positive qualities you perceive in others.

Judgements of yourself. You may focus on the flaws or virtues you believe to be true about yourself.

All these things distract you from this moment. When you learn to utilize meditation, you learn how to pull your attention away from these distracting things and how to place it back to this moment. This doesn't mean that it's never productive to think about the past or the future.

Of course, reflection and planning are important skills, as well. Yet, when you're unable to let go of doubt, worry and fear, you lose your ability to consciously choose your point of focus.

Meditation teaches you to consciously focus your attention in ways that are most appropriate and beneficial to you and other people.

You can then intentionally direct your actions toward what is most important to you while also being more fully engaged in what you're doing at that moment.

A Simple Beginning Exercise on How to Meditate

Set aside about 5 minutes by yourself in a quiet and relaxing place. Make sure your phone is turned off and that you won't be disturbed. Then just close your eyes and focus on your breath. When do you stop breathing out and start breathing in? Can you spot that space between the two?

Your mind may wander, but that's only natural. Don’t beat yourself up over this (then you're judging yourself). Whenever you catch yourself thinking of anything other than this present moment, take your attention and place it back in the now.

Continue doing this for a few minutes and then, when you feel the time is right, open your eyes and allow yourself to slowly come back into your day. You will probably feel much more relaxed and energized.

It's easy to get confused when you first learn how to meditate, because there are so many different meditation techniques.

Deep guided meditations, relaxation meditation techniques, meditations for powerful visualization, meditations for meeting your spirit guides...

When you learn to meditate, you are entering a wonderful world of self-discovery. As you go on to do this on a regular basis, you will find yourself becoming much more aware of how your mind works and what distracts you from the present moment.

How to meditate is a skill that you develop with consistent practice over time.

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