Esther Hicks
And The Teachings Of Abraham

It is said that Esther Hicks was one of the first people to come up with the concept of the Law of Attraction (LoA). However, she claims that her teachings are not her own. She is merely the translator for this cosmic law.

Abraham - a Group of Non-physical Beings

She instead receives messages from a group of non-physical beings. This group is known as "Abraham".

Esther Hicks’ teachings (or should I say the teachings of Abraham) have probably influenced most of the books and movies out there on the Law of Attraction. 

One of the main reasons as to why Esther, and her company Abraham Hicks Publishing, are not as popular as some other LoA teachers is simply down to the fact that Esther gives the raw material. What she writes and speaks are literal translations. She is not in the business of dumbing anything down. She is in the business of giving cold, hard facts, and helping people that way.

Now I'm not going to go into a lot on Esther’s teachings here. It's likely that would take up a whole book. I do, however, want to talk a little bit about her basic teachings. These are the ones which have pretty much influenced many motivational speakers and authors when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

And I must admit that the idea of Abraham may sound a little bit confusing at first glance... Esther does go into a lot of depth on it, though. The idea is that Abraham is a group of consciousness that do not reside in the physical dimension. Abraham resides in all of us.

Whenever you feel loved, joyful, or just plain happy, that is Abraham working within you. It is Abraham that makes you feel that way. In short, Abraham is at the heart of just about everything that we feel in this world. We as physical beings are just a mere extension of Abraham, which essentially means that a person cannot die. Their physical being will be gone, but their extension into the non-physical plane will move on.

Create the Perfect "Vibrational Match"

Esther Hicks talks a lot about how the positive vibrations that we make in this world attract exactly what want or desire most. If you create the perfect "vibrational match" (as she calls it), you can have just about anything that you want. On the other hand, if you make negative vibrations, you attract negative things, circumstances, events and people.

And yes, you probably know already that this is what the Law of Attraction is all about, right? Vibrations. You may know that this law can also be called the Law of Vibration.

So the LoA is about creating that perfect vibrational match and getting what you desire in your life. In theory, absolutely anybody could have what they want. Basically, it's just a matter of feeling really good, believing in it, and focusing enough on that end result to get what they want. (Well, actually there's a bit more to it, but it's all explained in many connections throughout this site, and in the many LoA books by Esther and other LoA teachers...)

I really do suggest you read or listen to Esther's insightful books. She has co-authored many of them with her late husband Jerry Hicks. 

Esther Hicks' Involvement in The Secret

Esther Hicks is perhaps not as famous as she should be for her pioneering research into the Law of Attraction. She is most likely going to be better known for her work narrating the original version of the movie The Secret, which was essentially based upon her work.

However, Esther’s interviews can no longer be found in the movie because of certain contractual issues with Rhonda Byrne. Anyway, this movie is likely the thing that introduced the Law of Attraction to the masses all over the world, but you do need to be aware that Esther’s real teachings go into a lot more depth on the matter.

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