A Walk to Remember

by Lisa

A Walk to Remember is a spiritual movie that shows its viewers the importance of acceptance, and how enlightening your mind to see life from a different view, really can be a life changing experience.

Two kids from different backgrounds find themselves spending time with each other after their parents decided collaboratively that troubled teen Landon, would spend some time doing community service for the church and to play the lead role for the school play. Jamie, a good girl by nature, was the preachers daughter and the lead female actress for the school play.

What started out as a chore for Landon was slowly turning into something he was looking forward to. Landon had already been mesmerized by Jamie before he found himself an everyday part of her life when he had attended a church service a week before and heard her voice. Now he was starting to fall in love with her. The only problem standing in his way was Jamie keeping herself distant, and her father keeping her even more distant.

He starts to understand her distance when she develops a sudden sickness and can no longer get out of bed anymore. Landon find's out that she has leukemia and doesn't have much time to live. He then has to prove to her father his love for her, so that he can show her that all her dreams can come true, giving her the happiness she never knew she could have. My favorite part is when he takes Jamie blindfolded to the state line, has her spread her legs apart so that when she opened her eyes he could show her that you can be in two places at once.

In the end, even though he brought her life while she barely had any left in her, Jamie's terminal illness took her to the heaven's with a big smile on her face. Landon turns out to be a well respected man, and shares a lifelong friendship with Jamie's father.

This movie echo's the message that life is what you make it. Sometimes you might miss what you could of made because you were too much different from another person to get to know them.

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